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CohesiveFT offices - 200 S Wacker, Suite 1500, Chicago, 60606.

Topic Notes Time
Networking presentation Brian Dunne: VIP strategy, Dynamic DNS, 9:30
XMPP-AMQP presentation Alex Clemesha: Message based cluster control, RabbitMQ, 10:00
CohesiveFT introduction Phil Clarke: High level overview of the services CohesiveFT provides 10:30
CohesiveFT VM creation Gene Jannece: Live demo of how to create VMs through CohesiveFT's web interface 11:30
Science Cloud Kate Keahey: Globus, Science Cloud usage, 12:15
Confluence Cluster presentation Alex Clemesha: all the pieces (nodes) that comprise the cluster, 2:00
Domain Model and Terminology Discussion of problem details and terminology 2:30
Deployment Strategy Discuss methods of going from VM to the Cloud 3:00
Node Monitoring and Metrics How to track usage parameters, and how that relates to cost 3:30
Node Provisioning and Scheduling Lifecycle of VM creation, software loading, deployment time management 4:00
FDR Documentation Discuss of what documentation needs to be produced 4:30
Wrapup Summarize keys issues of the day, discuss futher work direction 4:45
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