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CI Design Workshop

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Project Overview Presentations

Ocean Observatory Initiative Vision and CI's Role - John Orcutt and Oscar Schofield (DW20071017:ppt, DW20071017:pdf)
Concepts of Operation: A Day in the Life of Data - Frank Vernon (keynote, DW20071017:pdf)
Education and Public Awareness Objectives and Plan - Cheryl Peach and Oscar Schofield (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)
Project Execution Plan - Matthew Arrott (DW20071017:keynote, DW20071017:pdf)
System and Software Engineering Plan - Alan Chave (keynote, DW20071017:pdf)
Conceptual and Deployment Architecture - Ingolf Krueger (ppt, DW20071017:pdf)

Project Review - Question and Answer Sessions
    Mind-Map notes (DW20071017:mm, DW20071017:pdf)

Thursday, 18 October 2007

INTEGRATION ARCHITECTURE - The challenge of diverse "communities of use" & candidate technologies

Common Operating Infrastructure - Ingolf Krueger (ppt, DW20071017:pdf)
Interaction Patterns & Governance Framework - Munindar Singh (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)
Policy Framework - Von Welch (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)

A BASIS FOR THE ARCHITECTURAL APPROACH - The modeling of existing integrative technologies &

AMQP, Erlang/OTP - A Secure, Fault-Tolerant, Scalable Communication Infrastructure - Matthias Radestock (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)
OASIS CPPA/ebBP - An Agreement-Based Service Participation Framework - Monica Martin (ppt, DW20071017:pdf)
OASIS CPPA/ebBP - An Agreement-Based Service Participation Framework - Dale Moberg (DW20071017:odp, pdf)
Liberty Alliance - Core Interaction Patterns of an Identity Federation Framework - Nick Ragouzis (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)
Liberty Alliance - Deployment References circa 2006 - Nick Ragouzis (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)
Internet2 COManage - A Federated Identity & Attribute Mgmt Platform for Internet Scale Collaboration - Ken Klingenstein (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)


Data Management
IRODS/SRB - -Arcot Rajasekar (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)
ShoreSide Data System - Kevin Gomes (DW20071017:ppt, DW20071017:pdf)
BIRN & Telescience Portal - Abel Lin (ppt, pdf)

Sensing & Acquisition
ROADNet & Antelope - Kent Lindquist (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)
Sensors Project & PUCK - Kevin Gomes (DW20071017:ppt, DW20071017:pdf)
QARTOG - Julie Thomas (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)

Common Execution Environment
Swift & Globus Technology Suite (DW20071017:ppt, pdf
Virtual Workspaces - Kate Keahey (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)
Meta Scheduler & Pegasus - Ewa Deelman (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)

Analysis & Synthesis
Kepler Core + REAP - Ilkay Altintas (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)
Ocean Modeling Network & the Virtual Ocean - Yi Chao (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)

Planning & Prosecution
PLUSNet-IvP - Arjuna Balasuriya (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)
Mission planning for Sensorwebs - Steve Chien (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)

Knowledge Management
SDSC Semantic Mediation & OBIS - Chaitan Baru and Karen Stock (ppt, pdf)
OOI CI - Knowledge Management - MMI and OOSTethys - John Graybeal (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)

Friday, 19 October 2007

Work Breakdown Structure Overview (DW20071017:mm, DW20071017:pdf)

Subsystem Analysis Breakout Sessions

Common Operation Infrastructure (ppt, DW20071017:pdf)
Common Execution Infrastructure + Analysis & Synthesis (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)
Data Management (DW20071017:ppt, pdf)
Sensing & Acquisition (DW20071017:mm, DW20071017:pdf)

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