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Ocean Observing Programs Requirements Workshop

The workshop outcome and resulting requirements are documented in the OOP workshop report (FINAL) and the OOI Cyber User Requirements (DOORS Export).


  • Date: May 13-14, 2008
  • Location: Fenno House Conference Room 410 on the WHOI Quissett Campus, WHOI, Woods Hole, MA (see WHOI directions and maps)
  • Duration: 2 days (9:30am on Tue to 5pm on Wed)
  • Participants: from within and outside of the OOI
  • Size: 12 attendees

A preparation phone meeting was held on Monday, 5/5 at 10:30am PDT (1:30PM EDT) to discuss the workshop goals, the participant questionnaire, outcome expectations and further questions. The meeting slides are here.


The Ocean Observing Programs Requirements Workshop will focus on the needs of the instrument provider and science user communities for planning, simulating, and executing observational missions. This meeting targets requirements elicitation from domain scientists and engineers through understanding use cases and current practices, and not elaborating or refining the actual design of the OOI CI. Two aspects will be discussed: 

  • The first aspect of the workshop will be longitudinal programs that involve repeated observations of the same processes over long periods of time. To this end, the need to automate tasks such as instrument configuration or calibration, instrument processes, data acquisition, metadata acquisition, or interactions with marine facilities should be considered.
  • The second aspect will be objective-driven observational programs. These require the ability to design, assemble, and operate configurations of fixed and mobile resources from across the OOI into unique systems for planning, testing and prosecuting observation requests, leveraging the nested and autonomous capabilities of the fully integrated network of sensing, modeling, and control resources. The role of behavior-based autonomous mission planning and execution will be another focus. Finally, event-driven observational programs will be discussed.

The workshop will not cover issues such as instrument interfaces, instrument direct access or instrument life cycle management, as these are a focus of the Data Products Generation workshop and other activities. In a similar vein, assimilation-driven programs, observing system experiments, observing system simulation experiments and the virtual ocean simulator are not in the workshop scope, as these were discussed during the two modeling workshops.

Note: This workshop covers one topic in a series of OOI CI Requirements and Design Workshops. Please refer to the workshops homepage for further information and background on the OOI program.


Day 1 (5/13) - Context and current state

Time Presenter/ Moderator Topic
09:30am Alan Chave,
Oscar Schofield,
Matthew Arrott
Welcome from the organizers;
OOI program overview and current status;
Workshop goals and science background
09:50am Alan Chave Requirements elicitation process;
Overview of existing CI user requirements
10:10am Matthew Arrott Proposed CI infrastructure for the OOI
10:30am   Break
10:45am Scientists Scientist/engineer background presentations: Each scientist/engineer provides a 10-15 minutes presentation of their work
12:00pm   Lunch
01:00pm Michael Meisinger Walkthrough and review of the results of the first two user requirements workshops with the data assimilation and numerical ocean modeling communities. Validation and prioritization of existing requirements through the community (as applicable).
02:15pm Alan Chave,
Michael Meisinger
Topic: Past and present longitudinal programs.
Context: Persistent measurement program
Brief introductory presentation followed by scientist presentations (10 minutes each) with possibility for direct questions and discussions.
03:45pm   Break
04:00pm Alan Chave,
Michael Meisinger
Topic: Past and present objective-driven observational programs.
Context: Mobile & actuated data acquisition programs; multi-platform coordinated programs; multi-objective & multi-platform programs; event driven observations
Brief introductory presentation followed by scientist presentations (10 minutes each) with possibility for direct questions and discussions.
05:45pm Alan Chave Wrap-up and feedback of day 1 and charge for the next day.

Day 2 (5/14) - Vision for the future

Time Presenter/ Moderator Topic
08:00am   Breakfast at WHOI
08:15am Matthew Arrott Towards a transformative OOI CyberInfrastructure: use cases, architecture vision
08:30am Alan Chave,
Michael Meisinger
Topic: Longitudinal programs - vision for OOI.
Development of a transformative OOI usage scenario and requirements, covering science user, instrument provider and administrative operations, core capabilities, policy, governance and management aspects.
10:00am   Break
10:15am Alan Chave,
Michael Meisinger
Topic: Objective-driven observational programs - vision for OOI.
Development of a transformative OOI usage scenario and requirements, covering science user, instrument provider and administrative operations, core capabilities, policy, governance and management aspects.
12:00pm   Lunch
01:00pm Michael Meisinger,
Igor Klacansky
Ocean observing programs questionnaire walk-through and discussion.
Identification of requirements, clarification of terms and open issues, capturing of relevant background materials and knowledge.
03:00pm   Break
03:15pm Michael Meisinger,
Igor Klacansky
Domain modeling session.
Development of domain models based on the previously identified use cases, scenarios and workflows in direct collaboration of the scientists (providing input and clarification) and the CI architects (modeling of the concepts).
04:45pm Alan Chave Wrap-up and feedback
05:00pm   Workshop adjourns


  • Dave Fratantoni (WHOI)
  • Dana Yoerger (WHOI)

OOI Participants:

  • Alan Chave (WHIO), CI System Engineer
  • Matthew Arrott (UCSD/Calit2), CI Project Manager
  • Oscar Schofield (Rutgers), CI Project Scientist
  • Arjuna Balasuriya (MIT)
  • Mike Benjamin (MIT)
  • Mike Harrington (UW), RSN
  • Norm Farr (WHOI)
  • Steve Lerner (WHOI)
  • Al Plueddeman (WHOI)
  • Alex Talalayevsky (OL)
  • Lorraine Brasseur (OL)
  • Michael Meisinger (UCSD/Calit2), CI Requirements Analyst
  • Igor Klacansky (UCSD/Calit2), CI Developer

Preparation Materials 

  • Participant Questionnaire
  • Filled out reference participant questionnaire (available soon)
  • Preparation phone meeting slides (PPT, PDF)
  • Please see the list of materials on the workshop reading materials page. In particular the summary reports of the previous workshop meetings are essential background materials.

Links to observatories with similar types of tasks as discussed during this workshop

Presentations and Workshop Materials

Workshop Results 

(link to access restricted coordination page for the CI requirements team)

Logistics and Reimbursement

The meeting will be held in the Fenno House Conference Room on the WHOI Quissett Campus. Driving instructions and maps may be found at <>  The workshop <>  will begin at 0930 on May 13 and end at 1700 on May 14. Please plan to attend for the entire time. Coffee, tea, muffins and bagels will be provided both mornings. Lunch is available at the Buttery which is about 5 minutes walk from the meeting room. Dinner will be on your own. <>
Travel costs for invited participants will be expensed through Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.  All participants should make their own arrangements as they normally would.  Allowable costs include airfare (economy class on US air carriers only), hotel nightly rate + tax, meals @ $45/day (8-breakfast/12-lunch/25-dinner), and ground transportation costs.  If any expense exceeds $25, a receipt must be provided.

Karen Schwamb ( at WHOI will process the necessary authorizations and vouchers, but will need all receipts sent by mail reasonably quickly after the event.  Please send them to:

Karen Schwamb / Administrative Associate
Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Department
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
266 Woods Hole Rd., MS 7
Woods Hole, MA  02543
Telephone:  508-289-2675 / Fax:  508-457-2006

We have contracted a block of rooms with the Holiday Inn, 291 Jones Rd., Falmouth, MA 02540, local Tel: 508-540-2000.  You may make reservations directly with the hotel by calling 1-800-465-4329 and requesting group code OOI.  Travelers will be expected to pay for their hotel stay and be reimbursed after the event.  ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE  BY THE END OF THIS WEEK, FRIDAY, MAY 2.

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