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Workshop Planning and Execution Process

Workshop Preparation

Topic Definition

  • Define Topics
  • Identify Key Participants: Internal, External
  • Create Workshop Description and Preliminary Agenda

Participant Management

  • Select Participants
  • Invite Participants
  • Conduct workshop participant preliminary phone conference


  • Organize Venue, Travels
  • Create confluence website


  • Define agenda
  • Prepare introductory presentations
  • Tailor and extend questionnaire

Workshop Execution

  • Venue, Greetings, Name Cards, Access, Food
  • Welcome
  • Introduction CI
  • Introduction Participants
  • Take diligent workshop notes (electronically, structured, 2 independent individuals)
  • Domain Modeling
  • Scenario Playing
  • Requirements Discussion and Validation
  • Feedback session
  • Social Event

Post-Processing of Workshop Results

  • Post-process notes (quick), collect all notes electronically
  • Thank participants
  • Collect participant post-workshop materials
  • Analyze notes, extract requirements
  • Post workshop materials on confluence
  • Refine existing requirements
  • Create workshop summary report
  • Document requirements
  • Review workshop report and requirements in team
  • Circulate workshop report and requirements among participants
  • Integrate and finalize workshop report
  • Update requirements at official location (DOORS)
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