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An array of ~6 gliders will travel along five east-west transect lines from approximately the 20-m isobaths to 126 W (and out to 128 W along the Oregon and Washington lines), as well as a north-south transect along 126 W and a north-south transect along the 200 m isobath.

Coastal gliders (Teledyne-Webb Slocum Gliders) will fly through the water column along saw-tooth paths, penetrating the sea surface and diving down to depth. These Coastal Gliders will be outfitted with one of two buoyancy engines allowing for maximum efficiency for either shallow (able to dive to 200 m) or deep (able to dive to 1000 m) dives. A roughly even combination of deep and shallow diving coastal gliders will be deployed, sufficient to survey the Endurance Array area.

In April 2014, three gliders were deployed at the Endurance Array.  Each glider contains Engineering Data describing its location (latitude / longitude), depth, way points, heading, speed, and velocity for a given time.  Engineering data are needed to use the scientific measurements from the gliders instruments.

Glider 1
  • Engineering Data
  • Velocity Profiler for mobile assets, short range (ADCPA)
  • 3-Wavelength Fluorometer (FLORT)
  • CTD Glider (CTDGV)
  • Dissolved Oxygen Stable Response (DOSTA)
  • Photosynthetically Available Radiation (PARAD)
Glider 2   s/n 312

Instrument Name (OOI Instrument Class)
Instrument Manufacturer
Instrument Make/Model
Data Products
Velocity Profiler for mobile assets, short range (ADCPA) Teledyne RDI Explorer DVL 600 kHz Echo Intensity; Velocity Profile
3-Wavelength Fluorometer (FLORT) WET Labs ECO Puck Fluorometric CDOM Concentration; Fluorometric Chlorophyll-a Concentration; Optical Backscatter (Red Wavelengths)
CTD Glider (CTDGV) Sea-Bird GPCTD
Conductivity; Density; Practical Salinity; Pressure (Depth); Temperature
Dissolved Oxygen Stable Response (DOSTA) Aanderaa Optode 4831 Oxygen Concentration
Photosynthetically Available Radiation (PARAD) Biospherical Instruments QSP-2155 Photosynthetically Available Radiation(400-700 nm)
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