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This is the home of the OOI Preliminary Data space.

Below are links to Deployed OOI Assets.  Preliminary data for infrastructure within each array can be found in individual array pages.

Deployed Assets

  • Pioneer Array (Deployments April 2014 & October 2014)
  • Endurance Array (Deployments April 2014 & October 2014)
  • Cabled Array (Deployed July-September 2014)
  • Station Papa (Deployed July 2014)
  • Irminger Sea (Deployed September 2014)
  • Argentine Basin (Scheduled deployment 2015)
  • Southern Ocean (Scheduled deployment 2015)

Preliminary data were collected by the Ocean Observatory Initiative (OOI) project purely for internal system development purposes during the construction phase of the project and are offered for release to the public with no assurance of data quality, consistency, or additional support. The OOI Program assumes no liability resulting from the use of these data for other than the intended purpose. No data quality assurance steps have been implemented on these data to date.

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