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As Deployed Configuration, April 2014

Location: 39°56.2737’ N,   70°53.2167’ W

Water Column Depth: 453 meters

The following instruments were deployed on a McLane Wire-Following Profiler set to profile the water column from near bottom to 15-meters below the sea surface

Instrument Name (OOI Instrument Class
Instrument Manufacturer
Instrument Make/Model
Data Products
3-D Single Point Velocity Meter (VEL3D) Nortek Aquadopp II Turbulent Point Water Velocity
Dissolved Oxygen Fast Response (DOFST) Sea-Bird SBE 43F Oxygen Concentration
CTD Profiler (CTDPF)
Sea-Bird SBE 52MP Conductivity; Density; Practical Salinity; Pressure (Depth); Temperature
3-Wavelength Fluorometer (FLORT) WET Labs ECO Triplet Fluorometric CDOM Concentration; Fluorometric Chlorophyll-a Concentration; Optical Backscatter (Red Wavelengths)
Photosynthetically Available Radiation (PARAD)
Biospherical QSP-2150 Photosynthetically Available Radiation(400-700 nm)
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