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This is the OOINet System Architecture Specification. Please follow the links below for details to specific thematic pages. Note that many pages have child pages. Baselined exports of this architecture specification are under OOI configuration control as document 2130-00003.

How to read this documentation? - Please follow this link

Executive Summary

System Architecture Specification Model

The model linked above is an export from the authoritative OOINet system specification, authored in Enterprise Architect.

ION System Level

Most detailed content is in the Subsystem Level pages, linked from the right and under Subsystem Level below.

Introduction and High-Level Overview (AV All Views)

Logical System Architecture (OV Operational Views)

Technical and Deployment Architecture (SV System Views)

Technology References (TV Technical Standards Views)

Subsystem Level

Core Subsystems

External Integration Subsystems

  • User Interfaces (UX) 
    • Provides the User Interfaces for end users and OOI operators, including programmatic ways of accessing the system
  • Marine Integration (MI)
    • Integrating OOI instruments and platforms with the Integrated Observatory Network
  • External Observatory Integration (EOI) 
    • Integrates OOINet with data sources, data consumers and catalogs from external observatories such as IOOS, Neptune Canada and WMO


Maintenance and Open Issues

For instructions on maintaining and commenting on these pages, please visit Procedures to Edit the Architecture and Design Document.

The following pages summarize topics needing attention in the Architecture and Design pages.

Quick Links


External Integration:

Special Pages:
 CyberPoP Sites

See Also:
 Construction Plan
 Product Description

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