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This page contains historic information. See here for the current OOI CI Integrated Observatory Network Architecture.

ORION CI Architecture (Dept.of Defense Architecture Framework, DoDAF, Products)

The following documents were written on behalf of the CI committee in the spring of 2006 by John Graybeal, Alan Chave, Benoit Pirenne, Ingolf Krueger and Matthew Arrott. They identify the core objective, concepts and relationships comprising the digital component of Ocean Observatory. The documents are organized according to the DoD Architectural Framework specification, which is cataloged at the end of AV 1.

AV-1: Overview

  • Provides context for other documents

AV-2: Integrated Dictionary

  • Containing many key terms used in the other architecture documents.

OV-1: Operations Overview

  • High-level overview of system, major components, and interactions

OV-2: Operational Node Connectivity

  • Shows relationships between Operational components

OV-4: Organizational Node Connectivity

  • Shows relationships between internal and external Organizations

OV-5: Operations Activity

  • Describes the major interactions between system components

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