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This page is intended as a point of reference for CI to maintain conversations and resolutions concerning assessments performed by either the OOI Quality Manager or internally by CI.

Meetings / Reports

Date Purpose Report Resolution Status
10/19/2011 Internal Quality Audit Audit_Report_CI_CMP_2011-10-19_ver_1-00.doc Resolved & Communicated
02/09/2012 R2 LCA Readiness Review Readiness_Report_CI_R2_LCA_2012-02-09_ver_1-00.doc Resolved & Communicated

Issues / Resolutions

Date Issue Resolution
10/19/2011 1. "During a random assessment of ECRs, there were multiple occurrences where the Chairperson’s Assessment of Impact to Control Account was left blank in the ECR. In a couple of cases, the Requestor’s Assessment of Impact to Control Account was missing. (ECRs: 1302-00058, 94, 51, 92, and 98) Impact assessment is one of the most critical components in the ECR/CCB process." The need to fill out the cost, schedule and impact blocks was brought to the attention of board members who submit ECRs, and extra care taken to make sure they are reviewed by the Chief SE. 13 ECRs were passed through the board in Nov, and all were correctly filled out.
  2. "Four recent ECRs, 1302-0087, 88, 89, and 90, are currently boarded for a System-Level CCB. However, all four ECRs contain Liens from the CI CCB that have not been completed. The due dates in the system for the Lien completions were 08/23/11." This is a misinterpretation of the status of these four ECRs. In fact, no liens were placed on them at the CI CCB, and the comments were verbally adjudicated during the board. They were promoted to the SL CCB as approved, where a lien to document the adjudication at the CI CCB was placed. That lien was subsequently cleared, but not on the timescale requested at the SL CCB. Consequently, correct procedures were followed except for the time to work off the liens. These ECRs all have been overtaken by events, and were superseded by two recent ECRs that have passed the CI and SL CCB.
02/09/2012 1. R2 verification test procedures will not be complete in their entirety by LCA. This is due to a previous insufficient amount of resources and the PMO Systems Engineering Group has acknowledged this situation. Tim McPhail has been hired as a CI resident Systems Engineer who will have an initial framework and exemplar R2 verification test procedure ready for LCA and will quickly get these remaining procedures up to speed for the TRR.
  2. CGSN ICDs may not be ready in time for the LCA. This issue has arisen due to the fundamental problem that the embedded operating system (Debian 4, aka "Etch") that CG had chosen for the TS7370 single board computer presented a number of technical challenges for CI integration. A [trade study] was commissioned and resulted in the significant redesign of the CGSN System and the selection of "option D: Add an additional "CI-friendly" single board computer on the platforms." and is now progressing.
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