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This page describes the OOI metadata model and its implementation and generation


The official OOI metadata model documentation is placed here.


OOI resource and object types and their attributes are defined in YML interface specification files. This files have all data definitions in them including documentation comments. In detail, this includes:

  • Object or resource type name
  • Object or resource type documentation string
  • Attribute name
  • Attribute type (one of string, integer, decimal number, boolean, NIL value, list/array, associative array/dict/map, nested object)
  • Attribute default value
  • Attribute documentation string
  • Attribute framework decorator hints

Some resource and object types are user relevant, others are system internal only and others are to be ignored (because they are part of examples, demos or retired code). Within user relevant resource and object types, some attributes are system internal only. Every resource and object type can have system internal attributes and these can be added as needed to enable system operations. These system internal attributes are not subject to the OOI metadata model.

Metadata Model Maintenance

The official OOI process is documented here.

YML files can be updated using the code pull request mechanism. Updates to OOI metadata model controlled attributes need ECR approval.


Object Model Export from YML to CSV

Look for the generated file "interface/object_model.csv"

Paste into this Excel document to compute a report or filter


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