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This page describes the Capability Container. A Capability Container provides a rich infrastructure environment for applications and services hosted within the container.


Figure 1 shows an illustrative depiction of the use of a Capability Container. The Capability Container (in short CC) is depicted as the gray octagon. It provides the functions of a software application server. The Capability Container provides a rich infrastructure environment to hosted application processes. Processes include subsystem services, standalone process and agents, stream-connected processes, such as a user's science data event detection routine. A Capability Container itself runs in a CEI-subsystem-provided virtualization and contextualization environment. This environment makes sure that the same container can actually be executed in multiple different physical or software execution environments and is monitored for state-of-health.

Figure 1. Capability Container and Hosted Services (OV-1)

Capability Container Architecture

See CIAD COI SV Capability Container Capabilities for a list of abstract and implementation level capabilities that drive the CC architecture.

The figure below depicts the architectural components of a capability container.

Figure 1. 2940-00055 Capability Container operational nodes (OV-2)

Capability Container Capabilities

See Capability Container Capabilities and Interfaces for an overview.

Container Processes

One of the primary functions of the capability container is to host processes that can perform application work. Processes are "spawned" within a capability container and can receive and publish messages of various types (events, service requests, data granules). See here for details:

Container Messaging

The container provides processes access to messaging infrastructure. See here for details:

Policy and Governance

Interactions with container processes are subject to policy. See here for details:

Implementation Details

Container Implementation variants

Implementation Level Documentation

See here for details:


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