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Subsystem DM
Service Group Search & Navigation Services
Service Component Index Management Service
Service Description Index management service is responsible for managing the index resources and collecting, maintaining and aggregating the metadata about the index. Indexes refer to a search space in a specific technology, CouchDB or ElasticSearch. ElasticSearch indexes maintain a context type which contains a special mapping instruction for how to map documents that are part of that context type. Most of the ElasticSearch indexes use the resource type for the context type which provides a flexible structure to map resources. The indexes are organized based on their purpose, for example; the devices indexes contains resources which are some sort of device resource.
Release 2
Source Code

Service Operations

The following operations have been defined and/or implemented in this Service.


Resource Objects

Name: Index
Description: An Index resource describes the index metadata, it is not the index itself. Indexes resources may be auto-created when components such as a catalog are defined. The index resource may be created for an index defined in Cassandra, CouchDB, 4Store or other technology. Update policy for the index should be defined in the resource


Context and Background

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