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The event repository is a datastore that persistently keeps events for a certain time

Persistence Strategy

General Statements

  • No business logic should depend on events persisted forever
  • Some event types may never be persisted
  • Persistence of events may happen eventually after a not guaranteed time. A working average time to persist is 0.5 s (persist every 1s).
  • Business logic should be written so that it is not critically dependent on persisted events (but it can still use them for optimizations)
  • The UI uses persisted events to show event tables
  • Daily notification digests rely on persisted events

Event types that do not need persistence

Event Time Producer/Consumer Reason
TimerEvent Scheduler Service Only needed to trigger real-time action in the system
DatasetModified UI (extended resource) to generate events list Only needed to trigger real-time action in the system

Event types that can be purged after a while

Event Type Consumer Purge Strategy Comment
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