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This page describes on a high level how marine instruments and platforms and their data are integrated with the OOINet system.

Marine instruments and platforms are integrated into OOINet via Instrument Agents. The agents are managed by the Instrument Management Service. Instruments are deployed as part of platforms. The management of the marine infrastructure and all marine assets is the responsibility of the OOI Marine Implementing Organizations (RSN, CG, EA).

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Marine Integration Overview and Data Flow

The figure below provides an overview of operational responsibility, deployment scenarios, interfaces and data flow related to the integration of marine instruments and platforms with the OOINet system. The purpose of this integration is to provide one interface to all end users and marine operators.

Figure 1. OOI Marine Integration Overview and Data Flow (OV-1)

Marine Integration Scenarios

OOI instrument and platform integration differs by the type of deployments. Cabled instruments and platforms are integrated differently than uncabled platforms and their instruments. Please follow the links below for details:


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