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This page lists the services that are provided by the Integrated Observatory Network, and their dependencies.

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Service Dependencies

The figure below illustrates the operational dependencies between the services available in the system (see table below):

Figure 1. Services and Dependencies

See here for a detailed illustration for Release 3 services and resources managed by these services.


The Integrated Observatory Network provides the following services. Please follow the links to service pages for detailed specifications. Each service page includes generated content directly from the service interface specification.

PageSubsystemService ComponentService GroupRelease Service Description
CIAD AS OV Visualization ServiceASVisualization ServiceData Analysis & Visualization Services Part 12The Visualization Service provides the operations required to display real-time and 2D generated images form data products.
CIAD CEI OV Process Dispatcher ServiceCEIProcess Dispatcher ServiceProcess Catalog & Repository Services2Services to manage source code representations of service component packages. Includes the requirement for source code versioning and the conversion of source code into service component packages.
CIAD CEI OV Scheduler ServiceCEIScheduler ServiceProcess Management Services - Part 12A message-based cron like service that provides timer events based on given schedule and interval.
CIAD COI OV Directory ServiceCOIDirectory ServiceFederated Facility Services (Virtual Organization) Part 12Provides a directory of services and other resources specific to an Org.
CIAD COI OV Exchange Management ServiceCOIExchange Management ServiceCapability Container & Distributed Service Infrastructure Part 12The Exchange Management Service is the service that manages the Exchange and its associated resources. Responsibilities include:
  • Managing Exchange Spaces
  • Managing the namespace of Exchange Names within one Exchange Space
  • Managing Exchange Names of different type, such as process, service, exchange point and queue
  • Managing message brokers and their access
CIAD COI OV Identity Management ServiceCOIIdentity Management ServiceIdentity & Policy Management Services2A resource registry that stores identities of users and resources, including bindings of internal identities to external identities. Also stores metadata such as a user profile.a
CIAD COI OV Org Management ServiceCOIOrg Management ServiceFederated Facility Services (Virtual Organization) Part 12Services to define and administer a facility (synonymous Org, community), to enroll/remove members and to provide access to the resources of an Org to enrolled or affiliated entities (identities). Contains contract and commitment repository
CIAD COI OV Policy Management ServiceCOIPolicy Management ServiceIdentity & Policy Management Services2Provides the interface to define and manage policy and a repository to store and retrieve policy and templates for policy definitions, aka attribute authority.
CIAD COI OV Resource Management ServiceCOIResource Management ServiceResource Catalog & Repository Services2The Resource Management Service is the service that manages the Resource Types and Lifecycles associated with all Resources
CIAD COI OV Resource Registry ServiceCOIResource Registry ServiceResource Catalog & Repository Services2Service used to create, read, update and delete resources. Additionally, provides methods to manipulate resource associations and resource life cycle.
CIAD COI Service Gateway
CIAD COI System Management ServiceCOICapability Container & Distributed Service Infrastructure Part 22A service for managing system internals, such as resetting policy caches and triggering certain system actions  
CIAD DM OV Data Retriever ServiceDMData Retriever ServicePreservation2Retrieve science data from system data catalogs and data stores. Replay through data streaming using pubsub and the Exchange.
CIAD DM OV Dataset Management ServiceDMDataset Management ServiceInventory Services2The Dataset Management Service provides the services to register and manipulate changeable data sets and their metadata within the Integrated Observatory. Using the information resource metadata model and applicable vocabularies. Associates a long-term meaning to a sequence of information messages. Refers to any persistent sequence of messages on a topic. Datasets can be located within a repository or as persistent message history. Tracks versions of the data product, if modification is applied. Review and update metadata for information resources. (In later Releases, utilizes the semantic inference services.)
CIAD DM OV Discovery ServiceDMDiscovery ServicePresentation2Discovery service provides a common interface for searching and navigating. With discovery service, clients may create views which contain common parameters for which they are searching against, as well as ordering and filters. Clients use a Query Language to search for resources. Discovery is parses the client's search string, tokenizes the elements of the search query and maps the tokens onto a query object. The query object is inspected for elements, each element is a separate search query, the results are aggregated and presented to the client(s). When creating views, discovery uses a priority queue algorithm for finding the most optimal catalog to associate with.
CIAD DM OV Ingestion Management ServiceDMIngestion ServiceIngestion Services1The Ingestion service provides operations to setup data ingestion as well as to perform actual data and metadata increment ingestion. Provides registration, indexing, and presentation services to collect and organize data holdings with their associated metadata for an individual, group and/or community. The Ingestion service depends on the DM PubsubService for setting up ingestion exchange points and topic trees and other DM services and COI services.
CIAD DM OV Pubsub Management ServiceDMPubSub Management ServiceDynamic Data Distribution Services2This is the service that manages data streams subscriptions to data streams. This service enables processes to subscribe to messages matching a subscription expression on a topic topology.
CIAD DM OV User Notification ServiceDMUser Notification ServicePresentation2The User Notification service supports creation and management of notifications of events within the ION system.
CIAD SA OV Data Acquisition Management ServiceSAData Acquisition Management ServiceData Acquisition Services2Services related to management of data acquisition flows into the system, such as from instruments, data transform processes and external data sources. Service orchestrates data acquisition and processing by calling DM Distribution and Inventory services. In particular, this service sets up the Data Producer object relationships, used to track data provenance.
CIAD SA OV Data Process Management ServiceSAData Process Management ServiceData Processing Services2Services to monitor and control instantiated data processes anywhere in the OOI network. Also manage and update metadata related to datasets, data products and data streams.
CIAD SA OV Data Product Management ServiceSAData Product Management ServiceData Product Catalog & Repository Services2Services to register and manage the resources related to data products and their metadata.
CIAD SA OV Instrument Management ServiceSAInstrument Management ServiceInstrument Management Services2Instrument management service interface. This service provides overall coordination for instrument management within an observatory context. In particular it coordinates the access to the instrument and data product registries and the interaction with instrument agents.
CIAD SA OV Observatory Management ServiceSAObservatory ManagementObservatory Management Service2Performs the observatory observatory resources (sites) and deployments.

Unused Services

The following services are not actively used in OOINet but are existing with defined service interfaces (no implementation).

PageSubsystemService ComponentService GroupRelease Service Description
CIAD AS OV Workflow Management ServiceASWorkflow Management ServiceData Analysis & Visualization Services Part 12The Workflow Management Service provides support for the definition, integration and enactment of defined workflows. Capabilities to enable the definition, instantiation, scheduling and execution control of developer provided workflows for the visualization of data products
CIAD COI OV Agent Management ServiceCOIAgent Management ServiceCapability Container & Distributed Service Infrastructure Part 12The Agent Management Service is the service that manages the Agent Definitions and the running Agents in the system.
CIAD COI OV Conversation Management ServiceCOIConversation Management ServiceFederated Facility Services (Virtual Organization) Part 12The Conversation Management Service is the service that manages the Conversations and their types which are allowed in the system.
CIAD COI OV Object Management ServiceCOIObject Management ServiceCapability Container & Distributed Service Infrastructure Part 22A service for defining and managing object types used as resource, messages, etc.  
CIAD COI OV Service Management ServiceCOIService Management ServiceCapability Container & Distributed Service Infrastructure Part 12The Service Management Service is the service that manages service interface definitions and all service instances running in the system.
CIAD DM OV Catalog Management ServiceDMCatalog Management ServicePresentation2Catalog management service contains the interface for creating catalog resources. The logic components for determining and selecting which indexes should be incorporated into the catalog are controlled and executed in the creation process. Indexes are intelligently selected based on the keywords chosen. Indexes are chosen based on the number of fields the entire index represents, to get better results we pick the index with the least number of fields which is a superset of the specified keywords.
CIAD DM OV Event Management ServiceDMEvent Management ServiceDistribution Services2The Event Management Service provides a framework to publish notifications (events) and to subscribe to notifications. Define a notification structure and event categorization. Capabilities to set up notification system and topic trees.
CIAD DM OV Index Management ServiceDMIndex Management ServiceSearch & Navigation Services2Index management service is responsible for managing the index resources and collecting, maintaining and aggregating the metadata about the index. Indexes refer to a search space in a specific technology, CouchDB or ElasticSearch. ElasticSearch indexes maintain a context type which contains a special mapping instruction for how to map documents that are part of that context type. Most of the ElasticSearch indexes use the resource type for the context type which provides a flexible structure to map resources. The indexes are organized based on their purpose, for example; the devices indexes contains resources which are some sort of device resource.
CIAD DM OV Preservation Management ServiceDMPreservation Management ServicePreservation Services2Capability to add and manage persistent archives. Includes definition of storage constraints and policies. Implementation of persistent archive using the Cassandra technology

Potential Services (under discussion)

The following services are not part of the OOINet architecture or fulfill a role in the design.

PageSubsystemService ComponentService GroupRelease Service Description
CIAD CEI OV EPU Management ServiceCEIEPU Management ServiceElastic Computing Services2Service to create, read, update and delete EPU definitions, EPU instances and Deployable Types. Deployable Types are definitions of Virtual Machine types, with all required contextualization. EPU definitions describe elastic, high available processing entities based on Deployable Types with information about parameterization, execution constraints and packaging that go along. EPUs are the deployed instances of EPU definitions.
CIAD CEI OV Execution Engine Management ServiceCEIExecution Engine Management ServiceElastic Computing Services2Service to create, read, update and delete execution engines definitions and instances of execution engines. Execution engine definitions describe available types of execution engines. Execution engines describe running and available instances of these definitions.
CIAD CEI OV Provisioner ServiceCEIProvisioner ServiceElastic Computing Services2Service to provision Deployable Types (= Virtual Machine types) into Operational Units (= Virtual Machine instances). Also monitors and terminates these instances.
CIAD CEI OV Deployable Type Management ServiceCEITBDElastic Computing Services2The service which provides Deployable Type definitions
CIAD COI OV Datastore ServiceCOIData Store ServiceData Catalog & Repository Services2Service used to create, read, update and delete persistent Objects in the datastore. The specific name of the datastore schema to use can be provided with most operations. Also provides operations to work with associations and to find objects.
In R2, this service is built on top of CouchDB
CIAD EOI OV CDM Validation ServiceEOICDM Validation ServiceIOOS Integration Package 11The service used in validating user-provided datasets against OOICI Common Data Model requirements and Climate and Forecast conventions.
CIAD EOI OV Java Agent Wrapper ServiceEOIJava Agent Wrapper ServiceIOOS Integration Package 11This service is designed to facilitate (Java) Dataset Agent's tight interaction with ION in lieu of an incomplete Java CC.  Wrapping Java Agents in Python processes in this way provides the following functionality: agent registration, process lifecycle (governance), and reactivity to other core ION services
CIAD EOI OV External Observatory Agent ServiceEOIObservatory IntegrationExternal Observatory Agent Service
CIAD CEI OV Resource Planner ServicePPPlanning workflow managementResource Planning3Service to request the execution of taskable resources in registered execution environments with given service level constraints. Resource requests can include muliple or composite resources. Supports planning (schedule) of operational units based on available physical compute and storage resources and execution policy.
CIAD SA OV Instrument Agent ServiceSAInstrument Agent ServiceInstrument Management Services1, 2This service is a deployment of instrument agent behavior on the shore side as a service. This service acts as any type of instrument agent.
CIAD SA OV Time Management ServiceSATime Management Service 2Provides capabilities to synchronize time across the network for instrument and platform management purposes. Specifications compliant to include ntp, PTP.
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