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This is the central point for internal and external interfaces of the ION system. See links and child pages for details.


There are different types of ION system interfaces

  • ION external interfaces
    • User Interfaces and User Application Interfaces
    • OOI Marine infrastructure system interfaces (e.g. instrument and platform integration)
    • OOI external system interfaces (e.g. to external observatories)
  • ION internal interfaces
    • To services
    • To agents
    • Other defined interfaces

External Interfaces

See External Interfaces.

Internal Interfaces

List of Service Specifications

Services are the main internal system interfaces in a service-oriented architecture, such as the ION system. Service interfaces are specified explicitly: the service interface specification with its associated message specifications describe a service calling and response interface. Internal details of the service, such as the implementation language or technologies integrated are not part of the interface. This enables a loose coupling of system elements (i.e. services) and high maintainability of the system (e.g. services can be replaced over time independently).

See also:

List of Internal Interface Specifications

This is the central collection for internal system interfaces and links to interface specifications. Interface specifications take the role of interface control documents (ICDs). Interfaces include service dependencies and interfaces between non-service components.
PageInterface NameSubsystemGiverReceiverStatusDocument NumberInterface Description
CIAD CEI OV Elastic ComputingElastic Computing FrameworkCEIElastic Computing and EPU ManagementION Operator, EPU Management ServicecurrentNoneHow to control the CEI elastic computing services
CIAD CEI SV Process Dispatch DesignProcess DispatcherCEIProcess Dispatcher (component)Process Dispatcher ServicecurrentNoneHow to control the CEI process dispatcher
CIAD CEI SV System BootstrappingSystem BootstrappingCEICloudinit.dOperator, Integrator, Deployer (individuals)None
CIAD COI OV Capability Container AgentCapability Container AgentCOICapability ContainerCEI Operational Unit, Execution EnginecurrentNoneHow to control a Capability Container via a messaging interface
CIAD COI SV Python CC StartupPython Capability Container StartupCOICapability Container (Python)CEI Operational Unit, ION OperatorcurrentNoneHow to start a Python CC from its execution environment (Unix environment) and how to monitor the CC
CIAD CEI OV Resource AgentResource Agent (Framework)COIResource AgentProcesses using agentscurrentNoneHow to access any resource agent in the system
CIAD MI SV CI-OMS interfaceCI-OMS InterfaceMIRSN Observatory Management SystemMI Platform Drivers representing RSN infrastructure elementscandidateNoneHow to connect to the RSN OMS and which operations are available.
CIAD MI SV Instrument Driver InterfaceInstrument Driver InterfaceMIInstrument DriverInstrument AgentNoneThe interface between the common instrument agent and instrument specific drivers.
CIAD MI OV Instrument State ModelsInstrument State ModelsMIInstrument Agent, Instrument DriverInstrument Agent, ION Services (SA)None
CIAD MI SV Instrument Agent InterfaceInstrument AgentSAInstrument AgentION ServicescurrentNoneSpecification and call side effects for instrument agents

List of System Conversation Protocols (DESCOPED)

The table below contains a list of currently defined protocol specifications.

Page Protocol Description Conversation Roles
CIAD COI OV Brokered Negotiate ProtocolBrokered NegotiateNegotiation between a Provider and a Consumer, facilitated by a Broker. The negotiation can originate from the Provider (invitation) or the Consumer (request) and exchanges Service Agreement Proposals until both parties accept or the negotiation is cancelled.Provider, Consumer, Broker
CIAD COI OV Inform ProtocolInformStandard protocol to inform a Recipient by the Sender.Sender, Recipient
CIAD COI OV Negotiate ProtocolNegotiateNegotiation between a Provider and a Consumer. The negotiation can originate from the Provider (invitation) or the Consumer (request) and exchanges Service Agreement Proposals until both parties accept or the negotiation is cancelled.Provider, Consumer
CIAD COI OV Service Request ProtocolRequestStandard protocol to make a request to a service and wait for the response, failure or timeout. Two variants: Simple RPC and Service RequestRequester, Provider
CIAD DM OV Publish-Subscribe ProtocolPublish-SubscribeTwo protocols; one to register as a producer and to publish continuously. The other to subscribe to a stream and receive messages to consume.Publisher, Subscriber, Pubsub Management Service, Exchange Space

Other Interfaces (TBD convert into table above)


  • Container-OU interface
  • Container EE agent (CC agent) interface
  • Code packaging - development, release and use
  • Launching UNIX processes from an ION process
  • Central logging


  • Registration of datasets
  • Definition of data sources
  • Definition of data streaming

COI - Operations

  • Software message broker
  • Hardware message router

CEI - Operations

  • Adding an execution site
  • Adding an execution engine
  • Central system monitoring

DM - Operations

  • Data Storage
  • Adding a new storage site/system

Marine Integration - SA/DM

  • Data Source Definition
  • Remote Platform to Shore Interface (CI internal)
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