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This page describes the capabilities for marine asset tracking provided in Release 3 within the OOINet
This is proposed functionality for Release 3 milestone M030 Marine Asset Tracking


To round out Observatory Management capabilities supporting Marine IOs and Marine Deployments it is important to track and plan additional physical assets such as anchors, cables etc that are required for platform assemblies and deployments. ION supports this in a generic way. In particular it will provide the following:

  • Generic tracking of marine assets as resources in the resource registry with a common set of attributes (owner/contact, name, description, type, model, serial) and additional type specific attributes
  • Add arbitrary attachments (files) to marine assets
  • Associate marine assets to Deployment resources
  • Set the lifecycle state of marine assets (e.g. PLANNED, DEPLOYED)
  • Application of policy to the manipulation of marine assets (e.g. edit metadata, association, lifecycle state change)
  • Work with marine assets and associations to Deployments via the Web UI
  • Show lists of related marine assets on Facility, Site, Deployment and Device UI pages
  • Export marine assets to spreadsheets (e.g. Excel, CSV)
  • Import marine assets from spreadsheets (e.g. Excel, CSV)

Figure 1. Marine Asset Tracking Resources (OV-7)

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Asset Tracking

The Resource Registry provides the framework to persist marine asset information as resources and track their metadata.

It also provides associations to other resources (e.g. Deployments) and to set resource lifecycle state and it provides policy enforcement.

We assume that metadata attributes may vary by asset type, but within an asset type are standardized for the OOI program. If there are differences between Marine IOs, then a superset of attributes may have to be tracked, potentially limited on entry and output by the respective facility (UI function).

Asset Planning

Deployment resources are the central planning element in the ION system to describe assemblies of physical assets for current, past and future deployments. In particular, Deployments associate all device resources that are part of the assembly for the respective deployment time frame. Deployments describe the assembly and additional deployment specific metadata. This realizes the core of planning capabilities for ION observatory management.

Associating marine asset resources to Deployments realizes this planning capability for any kind of marine asset.

Associating assets should be limited to assets and types within a facility, e.g. a CG stretch hose can only be associated with other CG assets.

Conflict Detection

Marine Asset tracking capabilities must be able to detect certain conflicts. This covers:

  • Detecting marine assets that are allocated multiple times for concurrent deployments
  • Detecting that marine assets are allocated over their planned operations time
  • Capturing planned decommissioning time periods


  • Add a new MarineAssetType resource type to OOINet
    • Provide definitions of custom attributes with names, type etc following the DeviceModel custom attributes pattern
  • Add a new MarineAsset resource type to OOINet
    • Provide a marine_asset_type attribute to be able to support different sub-types of marine assets
    • Provide a nested object with attributes specific to the marine_asset_type
    • Provide the marine_asset_types requested initially by the MIOs
    • Provide a custom attributes dict
  • MarineAsset and MarineAssetType resources are associated via hasResource to the marine facility (Org) they apply to
  • Add service operations to the Observatory Management Service to CRUD MarineAsset resources, associate them to Deployments, Devices and change their lifecycle
    • Define policy so that operations are protected by facility role
  • Develop UI pages for marine asset and their linkage to Deployments, Device
  • Develop import (preload) procedures for MarineAsset resources
  • Develop export procedures for MarineAsset resources


Marine IOs have various systems and requirements for marine asset tracking. There may be requirements for automated import.

M030 Marine Asset Tracking


  • FoxPro Database for marine assets
  • Documents available
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