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This page describes the Web UI Platform that hosts the OOINet web interfaces and static web resources to be accessed with user browsers


The web UI platform is resident within the OOINet system deployment and is accessible by external users. It provides the following functions:

  • Operate a web server, providing user browsers with the front-end application
  • Authenticating users and maintaining user security sessions
  • Providing access to OOINet services

See CIAD UX OV Presentation Framework for an overview of interfaces and basic architecture.

Web UI Platform Behavior

Providing the Front-End Application

The user's browser accesses the web UI platform to download the initial web front-end application that subsequently interacts with the web server platform.

The Web UI Platform's web server provides the following resources:

  • Static web resources such as images and sprite files
  • Dynamic scripts
  • A composite HTML with fragments to be used to display views in the browser
  • A user interface screen layout schema
  • Catalog services for OOINet resources (e.g. a list of resource types and definitions of OOINet objects)
  • Access to OOINet services

User Authentication

User authentication is delegated to the external CILogon service. See here for details:

Service Access

The web UI platform uses the service gateway to access OOINet services and resources. See here for details:

Implementation Details

  • Apache
  • Flask plugin executing Python code
  • CILogon integration and redirection
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