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The following list has been assembled by Steve Gaul (, 401-465-1759) as input to the OOI CI transition process.

As part of the transition of OOI support to Rutgers, we are preparing to move the Confluence tool and contents. One of the issues we have to address is bloat in the content. Therefore, I have been asked to query the OOI developer community to ask what Confluence content is critical to retain in the updated tool. I expect that we will retain the existing Confluence content as a readily available archive, but to allow for better configuration management and control, we will move the critical, living components of this content into a new repository using a current version of the tool.

Please identify, using links to the root node in the current confluence tool, segments of the current content that you believe must be retained as a living element of the updated system. Please add links to critical content and please identify yourself so we know who to contact for follow-up.

Steve Gaul suggests:


[instruments:IDD Creating]


[instruments:OOI Instruments]

[Data Products (OOI Instruments)]

Kathy Carr suggests:

There is an OOI Engineering page where a few things need to be readily accessible. The page is at:

The subpages that I think need to be readily accessible are:
1. The Technical Review Repository

This page contains links to all of our OOI Technical reviews. Those linked Technical review pages ALSO need to be readily accessible (I need to look at them for Commissioning purposes, for example).

2. SE Call meeting minutes
There is one page for each recent year.

3. PMO Validation Test Plans

4. EA Coastal Glider Validation Test Procedures

5. Global Arrays - Station Papa Validation TEst Procedures

6. DOORS SE Information ( includes instructions for downloading and installing the DOORS client)

Chuck McGuire suggests we keep it all

Sheri White suggests:

I concur with Kathy, 
We will want the CGSN (“CGO”) Space:
The OOI Deployment Status Dashboard needs to be accessible:
There are a number of OOI xxx Collaboration Pages under the OOI Public Space ( that were used to maintain documentation regarding procured instruments and platforms.  A few examples…

There were a number of place where instrument information was posted, but I’m not sure which ones are the most correct and current.

Jon Fram suggests:

I’d like to keep the CSPP Collaboration pages since they are active. The other Collaboration pages are useful for reference but mostly are no longer active.

Steve, you would know which CI-related pages are still active (e.g., OOI Instruments)

Be careful when capturing everything on the technical review repository. It links to locations that are scattered all over the place. I pull stuff from this repository fairly often---very useful.

Kurt Stiffel suggests:

The instrument home page is a must have. But as it is being updated by your team, I would assume you already knew that.

Sage Lichtenwalner suggests (and Mike Crowley agrees):

This space is actively used… or at least it will be until Feb 28th. Not sure about after.

This space hasn’t been used in a while and could be “archived,” whatever that means.


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