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This page is under development as an index page for these activities.

Purpose and Background

This page identifies the ongoing activities and points of integration between the Cyberinfrastructure IO and the Marine IOs.


These definitions are taken from the DOORS Reference Module, if not otherwise referenced.

  • Platform: Collection of nodes, sensors, instruments together with necessary controllers physically connected together, with a known external geometry
    Example: Mooring, Surface Mooring, Profiler, AUV, Glider.
  • Instrument: A device that contains one or more sensors and a method for converting the information from the sensor into a transmittable and storable form.
  • core instrument (= core sensor): A sensor on the OOI network that is funded by the MREFC and whose presence on the OOI network flows out of science requirements.
  • common instrument: A core instrument which is specified and selected by the OOI team. (JBG)
  • IO instrument: A core instrument which is specified and selected by one of the Marine Implementing organizations. (JBG)
  • PI instrument: An instrument which is not a core instrument. (JBG. Need to replace with the correct term.)

Organization of Material

The material is organized by topics, and then by data about each point.

Key Topics

The topics covered for each Marine IO are:

  • Platforms
    • Platform Descriptions (released, most current)
    • Platform Engineering and Integration
    • Platform External Communications
    • Platform Interface Specifications and ICDs
    • Platform Development
  • Instrument Descriptions (released, most current)
  • Instrument Engineering and Integration
    • Instrument Selection/Status (core, IO, PI)
    • Instrument Types
    • Instrument Interfacing (Drivers and Interface Specifications)
    • Instrument Development (IO, PI)
    • Instrument Documentation (Manuals, Activities, Metadata — see also Metadata Management, below)
    • Instrument-Related Algorithms (ATBDs)
  • Metadata Management for Physical Resources
    • List of Standard Metadata (all resources)
    • List of Custom Metadata by Type: Platform, Platform Type, Platform Instance, Instrument, Instrument Type, Instrument Instance
    • Metadata Tracking Tools
  • Marine Operations Management
    • Local Operations Management Systems (e.g., OMS) and CI interfaces to them
    • Operations Scenarios (pre-deployment, post-deployment)
  • Physical Artifact Life Cycle Schedules (first-unit)
    • Milestones: Order/Build Initiated, Received, Initalized (calibration, stand-alone tests) Lab-Integrated, Deployment-Integrated, Deployed, Commissioned
    • Deliverables: Driver Drafted, Driver Tested

Subjects for Each Topic

For each topic, these subjects are covered as appropriate:

  • Points of Contact
  • Existing Knowledge (References)
  • Open Questions
  • Key Planning Events


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