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This page will be filled out with the presentations as they are presented.

By Time Slot

For the chronological sequence of presentations, please see the R2 PRR Meeting Agenda. (Attachments are not linked from that page.)

By Presenter

These presentations are ordered by last name of the presenter. The PDF version is listed first, followed by a native version (usually PPT or Keynote).

Presenter Title Presentation
Kathy Carr Introduction: Entry and Exit Criteria
R2_PRR_Introduction_CI_2013-12-12_ver_1-00.pdf / R2_PRR_Introduction_CI_2013-12-12_ver_1-00.ppt
Mike Kelly Overview of Project State
(No file was presented.)
Tim Ampe/Luke Campbell R2 Demonstration (No presentation was used)
Tim Ampe R2 Engineering Status - Test and Integration
OOICI_R2_PRR_Engineering_Status_CI_2013-12_12_ver_1-00.pdf / OOICI_R2_PRR_Engineering_Status_CI_2013-12_12_ver_1-00.key
Kathy Carr
R2 Verification R2_PRR_Reqts_Verification_CI_2013-12-12_ver_1-00.pdf / R2_PRR_Reqts_Verification_CI_2013-12-12_ver_1-00.ppt
Rod Cressey
R2 Deployment R2_PRR_Ops_Deployment_2013-12-12_ver_1-00.pdf / R2_PRR_Ops_Deployment_2013-12-12_ver_1-00.ppt
Kathy Carr
Wrap up R2_PRR_WrapUp_CI_2013-12-12_ver_1-00.pdf / R2_PRR_WrapUp_CI_2013-12-12_ver_1-00.ppt
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