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This page describes the Life Cycle Objectives Review of the System Engineering Life Cycle.

Links to actual LCO reviews:

LCO Review Criteria (System Life Cycle Plan)

The LCO artifacts that constitute the entry criteria are:

Artifact Set Content
Management System Life Cycle Plan
Risk Register
Elaboration Execution Plan
Requirements Use cases (mature)
System and subsystem requirements (candidate)
Design Architecture Specification (candidate)
Technology List (baselined)
UX Design and Workflows (candidate)
Prototype Reports
Implementation None
Deployment None

The LCO success (i.e., exit) criteria against which the outcome of the Inception phase is evaluated are:

  • Are the use cases understood, and do they provide a complete description of the release scope?
  • Are the core UX designs and workflows understood and complete?
  • Are the candidate requirements understood, and do they cover the critical use cases?
  • Are the critical risks identified, and have they been mitigated through exploratory prototypes?
  • Are the candidate architectures viable as demonstrated through analysis and prototyping?
  • Is the Elaboration Execution Plan credible?

 The LCO Review Board provides a written report against the evaluation criteria to the Chief System Engineer. The CI SE Management Team evaluates the report and makes a determination about proceeding to Elaboration.

Additional Material

We also have some additional LCO Review auxiliary material (not normative).

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