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A mini-LCA for the CyberPoP will be held on May 27, from 10 AM PDT via Webex and in Atkinson Hall room 5004.
Webex information: 866-469-3239; Meeting # 550 645 430; Password: the usual CI password.

Review Charge

The standard LCA charge will be used. It is:

  • Are the use cases and concepts of operation stable and complete?
  • Is the baseline architecture stable and sufficient to meet the critical use cases?
  • Do the prototypes demonstrate that all significant risks have been mitigated?
  • Are the construction plans sufficient to give high confidence that production will succeed?
  • Do the stakeholders agree that the baseline architecture and technology choices meet their needs, and do they commit to its construction?

Review Board

The review board is chaired by Bill Pritchett of Ocean Leadership, and will be introduced at the meeting.

Review Agenda

The mini-LCA will consist of a presentation on the CyberPoP objectives, architecture, accomplishments, construction plan and schedule. This will include:


The presentation may be downloaded from the Attachments (note it is about 40MB, so may take a bit of time).

Open and In-Progress Jira Issues

All Jira issues are tracked under the CPOP Project Key on the OOI Jira site

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