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  • Peering involves the joining of two networks to exchange traffic for mutual benefit. There usually no fees exchanged between the peering organizations. The expectation is that benefits/income would be derived from using the other networks.
  • OOI plans to facilitate access to research and academic networks
    • Internet2
    • National Lambda Rail
    • TeraGrid
    • Cenic - Corporation for Education Network & Initiatives in California
    • NREN - National Research and Education Network

The following image shows the convergence of many of the academic and research networks, especially in the Seattle and Chicago area.

When OOI peers to these key locations, this will give us access to networks in Europe, South America, Australia and Asia. 

  • Provide peering connections to Tier 1 cloud services providers
    • We will provide some computational resources at each Distribution Point. Should a user want additional processing power we will peer with Tier 1 providers and users can transfer their data to them and continue with their processing needs.  The costs associated with this processing is the responsibility of the user.
    • Providers that we plan on connecting to:
      • Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2)
      • Microsoft Azure
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