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This document explains the Integration Procedures and resulting Reports from executing integration procedures during the course of ION Release 2 development.

CI R2 Integration Plan

The CI team used a continuous integration methodology in Release 2 that included numerous automated integration tests via buildbot (see: Buildbot Automation). During the course of elaboration and construction, 18 specific integration points were identified and executed. The details for the R2 integration plan can be found here:

CI R2 Integration Point Reports

Elaboration Iteration 1 Integration Report
Elaboration Iteration 2 Integration Report
Elaboration Iteration 3 Integration Report
Construction Iteration 1 Integration Report
Construction Iteration 2 Integration Report
Construction Iteration 3 Integration Report

CI R2 Integration Procedures

The Release 2 Integration Procedures are documented here: Release 2 Integration Procedures

CI R2 Integration Report

The Release 2 Integration Report is documented here: []

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