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This page lists ION Release 2 LCA Review artifacts.

For Authors: See Artifact Tracking


To make the definition and development of OOI CI's Integrated Observatory Network manageable, collections of information are organized into five distinct, persistent artifact sets. These are further divided into a management set and four engineering sets. A given set represents a complete aspect of the system, while each artifact holds information that is collected and reviewed as a single entity.

The five artifact sets are:

  1. A management set consisting of planning artifacts (e.g., project and system level plans, the Work Breakdown Structure, the Integrated Master Schedule and the Annual Work Plan) and operational artifacts (e.g., release descriptions, status assessments, engineering change orders and deployment documents)
  2. A requirements set consisting of use scenarios, concepts of operations and user, system and subsystem requirements
  3. A design set consisting of architecture specifications using the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF)
  4. An implementation set consisting of source code baselines, component executables and associated documentation
  5. A deployment set consisting of an integrated and verified release, user documentation and training manuals

The artifact sets receive different levels of attention at different milestone reviews, commensurate with the activities in the four phases of the system life cycle. The management set is deemphasized at milestone reviews, as it gets scrutiny at the recurring OOI Reviews. At the LCA, the requirements and design sets will be baselined, the implementation set will be conceptual, and the deployment set will be nascent.

Read the R2 LCA Documentation Map to see strategies for reviewing this material, and its applicability to different Releases.

Review Materials

1. Management set

2. Requirements set

3. Design set

4. Implementation set

5. Deployment set


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