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Held by Webex on December 10, 2010 from 1000-1200PST

This is a mini-LCA that is restricted to the Instrument Agent component of the Instrument and Platform Architecture subsystem. The Platform Agent component will be reviewed at a later date when interfaces to CGSN are better defined.

The standard LCA charge is:

  • Are the use cases and concepts of operation stable and complete?
  • Is the baseline architecture stable and sufficient to meet the critical use cases?
  • Do the prototypes demonstrate that all significant risks have been mitigated?
  • Are the construction plans sufficient to give high confidence that production will succeed?
  • Do the stakeholders agree that the baseline architecture and technology choices meet their needs, and do they commit to its construction?

The review board consists of Frank Vernon (chair), Paul Matthias and Derrick Cote.

The mini-LCA will consist of presentation on the Instrument Agent architecture and a demonstration of prototype components using a Seabird CTD and an RDI ADCP.

Review artifacts

Product Description (Use Cases)

Day in the Life of an Instrument Conops

Day in the Life of Data Conops

L4 Marine Cyberpop Requirements

Architecture presentation (keynote)

Architecture presentation (pdf)

Construction Plan

Architecture Specification for IPAA

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