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This is the central page for the OOI CI Release 2 IOC Review. The IOC (Initial Operating Capability Review) is the third milestone in the spiral development process (see CI System Engineering Methodology), ending the Construction spiral phase.

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This is the central page for the OOI CI Release 2 IOC Review. The IOC (Initial Operating Capability Review) is the third milestone in the spiral development process (see CI System Engineering Methodology and CI System Life Cycle Plan). This review ends the Construction spiral phase for this release.

The IOC review brings together a board of representative reviewers to assess the adequate achievement of the IOC milestone, a prerequisite to moving the project into the Transition spiral phase. The scope of this review is the IOC for the first of four releases of the OOI CI.

This page and all materials will remain as a reference throughout the program.

Meeting Objectives

Through collaborative constructive review and critique of contrustion plans and development efforts, determine whether activities associated with the Construction phase are adequately complete and that the subsystems under review are sufficiently completed to progress to the transition phase.

The IOC success criteria against which the outcome of the Construction phase is evaluated are:

  • Is the release, including user interfaces, mature and stable enough for deployment into a staging environment?
  • Are there any blocking defects that would preclude such deployment?
  • Is there appropriate candidate documentation to inform and train the user and operations communities?
  • Is the release ready to transition to evaluation by its user communities?
  • Are the Integration and Verification Procedures finalized, and do Integration and Verification Reports adequately describe completed integration and verification activities?
  • Is the Transition Execution Plan sufficient to give confidence that defect correction and beta testing will succeed?

Meeting Materials

Reference Materials

Collaboration Pages

During the meeting, collaborative notes are taken on several Etherpad sessions. These pages capture the material in the Etherpads.

Review Outcome

Subsequent to the review, the review panel compiles a review report addressing findings, open issues and a recommendation about proceeding into the transition phase of CI development. This publicly relevant parts of the report, and any OOI CI team responses, are made available here.

  • TBD

General Information


November 16, 2012, Friday

See agenda for more details.

Meeting Location

UCSD La Jolla Campus, Atkinson Hall
San Diego CA

Travel and Reimbursement Logistics

IOC is being presented in a WebEx, so no travel is necessary.


If you have any questions or concerns about the meeting, please contact Paul Dean ( or Rita Bauer ( at UCSD.

Paul Dean
Assistant Program Coordinator
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
9500 Gilman Drive.
La Jolla, CA 92093-0436
Telephone:  858-822-0878 / Fax:  858-822-4633 

Rita Bauer
Special Projects Coordinator
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093-0225
Telephone: 858-822-2946 / Fax: 858-822-3372

Transition Phase

The transition phase begins upon successful completion of the IOC. Activities carried out during transition include beta testing to validate the release against user requirements, deployment into the appropriate CyberPoPs throughout the system of systems, and training of users and operators. The transition phase concludes when the deployed baseline becomes operational.

The core goals of the transition phase are:

  • Deploying the integrated and verified release into the system of systems
  • Achieving stakeholder concurrence that the deployment baseline is complete and consistent with use scenarios and concepts of operations
  • Achieving the final product baseline

Essential activities during the transition phase include:

  • Completion of verification against user requirements
  • Integration of construction increments into the deployment baseline
  • Bug fixes
  • Deployment-specific engineering
  • Training of users and operators

The CI System Engineer is responsible for deployment during the transition phase, and is assisted by the Operations Manager and the Operations Team. The transition phase of each release coincides with the OOI pre-commissioning phase as defined in the CI Transition to Operations Plan. At completion, the CI System Engineer convenes the Product Release milestone review. Upon successful completion of the milestone, the release is transitioned to an operational state and becomes the responsibility of the Operations Manager.

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