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Overview of "InstrumentDevice" Resource

Represents a physical package with a manufacturer, model, and serial number, containing one to many sensors that communicate through a single onboard data interface.


Refer to the CIAD APP Resource Model page for metadata definitions.

Responsible Service Instrument Management Service
Architecture References CIAD MI OV Instrument and Platform Agents
Other References  
Technical Notes  
Version 1.0
User Facing Yes
Open Issues/Changes  


The key characteristic of an instrument device is that it is capable of reporting observed data through its interface. For example, a CTD device packages sensors for conductivity, temperature, and depth into one shell with a single data acquisition board, which communicates over a single serial port.

A device may be deployed in one location, retrieved, perhaps serviced, then deployed in another location.

An instrument device may contain other instruments, though if those instruments report their data through separate interfaces, the top-level instrument is better modeled as a platform.

Attributes and Metadata References

References in this section point to the material that describes attributes of the resource, if any.


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  1. Jun 15, 2012

    Stephen Henrie says:

    I added a number of questions to the suggested list of computed attributes based...

    I added a number of questions to the suggested list of computed attributes based upon a discussion with Michael

  2. Dec 20, 2012

    Michael Meisinger says:

    Attribute List Attributes derived from the base Resource object function Expa...

    Attribute List

    Attributes derived from the base Resource object

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    Attributes derived from the base Taskable Resource object

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    Attributes for this Resource Type

    Attribute Name (YML) Attribute Name (user)
    Definition Type/Units Required? Comments Status
    Model   identifier of the model that uniquely types the instrument Instrument Model Resource _ID Mandatory manufacturer is available through model LCA
    Firmware version   identifier of hard-coded operating system in unit string Optional if present, is part of uniquely determining model R2
    Serial Number   unique identifier of instrument provided by manufacturer string Mandatory assign by OOI if not available LCA
    Manufacture Date   when item was built timeInstant (Object) Optional   R2
    Lot number   Manufacturer-designated lot number or code String Optional   R2
    Datum Characterization   Information about accuracy, precision, drift, etc. as assessed for this particular device. (Signal characterization for the model is in that resource.) [Datum Characterization] Optional (0..*) These should only be entered at the device level if they are assessed to be an improvement on the model-level information. The expected source for this info would be an OOI device assessment. R2

    Computed Attributes List

    Computed Attribute Name Description Type/Units Required
    Software version identifier of software installed in unit string Optional Why does this need to be computed?
    Attached Sensors
    list of sensors attached to this device (list) Sensor Resource _ID Optional Aren't these just associations?
    Location current geospatial (3D) location of instrument geospatialLocation (Object) Mandatory composition of this value is potentially quite complex; see Discussion pageDoes this really need to be computed or is it configured during installation?
    Orientation current geospatial orientation of instrument relative to parent's reference frame spatialOrientation (Object) Optional Does this really need to be computed or is it configured during installation? R2
    Site List The names of the geospatial sampling region or set of collocated platforms with which this device is associated String (site names) Mandatory The composition of this attribute will vary depending on the deployment type. For instruments on a platform, site is an attribute of platform. For instruments deployed alone, it could be captured as a non-composed attribute, or derived from lat/lon. As with location, the value of this attribute will change through time

    Aren't these just associations?
    Data produced reference to data from this instrument URL (public) / Resource _id Mandatory Must be possible to see/subscribe to data from instrument (past and present); this may be a composed attribute R2

    Associations List

    These associations need further review. JBG 2012.02.06

    Associations for this Resource Type

    Subject Predicate Object Comments
    Instrument Device hasPlatformPosition PlatformPosition See Associated Objects, below
    Instrument Device hasCalibration Attachment attachment can be any document that contains calibration information, which is typically unstructured and highly variable; note that multiple calibrations are acquired over time
    Instrument Device hasAttachment Attachment links to additional context such as calibration reports, repair orders
    Instrument Device hasSite Site declares a deployment has happened (only applies to instruments that are deployed independently of a platform; when an instrument is on a platform that is deployed into a physical environment, the instrument 'inherits' the event / current site from the platform)
    Instrument Device DeployedInNominalLocation GeospatialLocation used only when the instrument is not deployed as part of a platform
    Instrument Device realizes Logical Device  
    Instrument Device DeployedInNominalLocation GeospatialOrientation  
    Instrument Device hasModel Instrument Model  

    Referenced Object Types

    Name of Object Definition Type/Units Comments
    PlatformPosition holds properties about the mounting (deployment) location of an instrument device on a platform. It will have attributes of:
    • platform location offset (geospatialLocationOffet): a description of how the location differs from the platform geospatial bounds; comply with SensorML or other relative location specification for format)
    • orientation (geospatialOrientation): a description of the instrument orientation relative to platform (or parent instrument) orientation.
    • timeStart (timeInstant): time at which the PlatformPosition was first in effect (note this is not necessarily when the association is created in ION, as recorded records may be ingested later)
    timeInstant represents a calendar date and time ISO8601 or equivalent  
    geospatialOrientation the orientation of one entity with respect to another Format is TBD reference and be compatible with with SensorML or other standard. Also needs to handle the case of an instrument model deployed without a platform, in which case the orientation is with respect to standard geospatial NSEW and up/down.
    geospatialLocationOffset the offset position of (a reference point on) one entity with respect to (a reference point on) another Format is TBD reference and be compatible with SensorML or other standard.

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    Notes and Questions List

    See the Discussion page.