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Overview of "Observatory" Resource

Represents a reference designator that designates a top-level observatory, with geospatial and temporal bounds. This Observatory Site can have Subsites, Platform and Instrument Sites.


Refer to the Product Description and Product Description Release 2 pages for metadata definitions.

Responsible Service Observatory Management Service
Architecture References CIAD AV ION Integration and Deployment
Other References R2 SA Construction Plan
Technical Notes  
Version 0.6
User Facing Yes


The Observatory is owned by a COI Org (see the [R2 Resource Page for Org]). It represents an observatory and its physical and information resources and can form agreements, for instance with other marine facilities.

The Observatory is governed by the Marine Operator, who uses Policy defined by the OOI Program Office Oversight actor and contracts with the Cyberinfrastructure Operator for Cyberinfrastructure services that he/she uses to operate a network of instruments. The Marine Observatory Facility applies control, processing, and resource management services to operate and govern a suite of Instruments, and provides real-time or near real-time Data Products, Event Detection and Instrument services for use in Laboratories.

Attributes and Metadata References

References in this section point to the material that describes attributes of the resource, if any.

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  1. Apr 17, 2012

    Michael Meisinger says:

    I renamed this from Marine Facility to Observatory and removed the extension of ...

    I renamed this from Marine Facility to Observatory and removed the extension of Facility/Org

    TODO: Polish further as design evolves