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Overview of "Org" Resource

Represents a domain of authority that provides the context within which policy applies to registered member individuals and resources.


Refer to the Product Description and Product Description Release 2 pages for metadata definitions.

Responsible Service Org Management Service
Architecture References CIAD COI OV Org
CIAD COI OV Org Management Service
CIAD COI OV Governance Concepts
Other References  
Technical Notes  
Version 0.5
Comments Examples include a Marine IO, an organization, a virtual lab or a facility.
User Facing No


An Organization realizes an Org Specification that states the Contract Templates applying to its various Org Roles.

OOI is an Org that serves as the highest scope for the Orgs that we define here. The OOI Org provides identity management as well within this effort.

Orgs can play a monitoring or logging function among others. Each Org is based on a template called Org Specification that defines a default set of roles.

The notion of an Org is intimately tied to the notion of contracts. An Org specification expresses such contracts in terms of the roles defined in the Org (called Org Roles above). When principals take on different Org roles, they must satisfy the qualification components of the corresponding contracts and adopt the liability and privilege components of the contracts that go with such roles.

From RM-ODP: "A collection of interacting objects whose purpose is to fulfill an objective."

Attributes and Metadata References

References in this section point to any material that describes attributes of the resource, if any.

Generated Specification



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