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Overview of "PlatformDevice" Resource

Represents a physical package with a manufacturer, model, and serial number, providing physical mounting locations for one to many instruments. Platforms are also the primary units of deployment of marine infrastructure.


Refer to the CIAD APP Resource Model page for metadata definitions.

Responsible Service Instrument Management Service
Architecture References CIAD MI OV Instrument and Platform Agents
Other References  
Technical Notes  
Version 1.0
Comments Represents the instance of the platform (has a serial number)
User Facing Yes


The physical Platform itself is not a computation resource, though it may (or may not) have computers on it that specifically target platform functions. However, in OOI the Platform serves as the conceptual provider of services related to its own capabilities, and those of instruments mounted on it. "Platform ('hotel') resources include power systems, telemetry, networking, clocks, CPU cycles and storage and multiple instruments deployed on that platform; these are not always on the physical platforms, however." (Ref: [syseng:CIAD SA OV Instrument and Platform Agents])

So, for example, a platform is not assumed to have a GPS, or any other location-sensing instrument, directly mounted on it; and it does not "include" such a unit. In many cases one or more GPS or similar devices are in fact mounted on a platform; these are managed as instruments, even if they may be producing platform- or system-related data, not science data per se.

Similar, "hotel" systems to provide power, communications, navigation, or computation on the platform are not considered "part of" the platform, but are instruments mounted on the platform, and are managed as such.

The services that are used to manage power, communications, navigation and location, and computation on behalf of a platform (and the platform's mounted components) are responsible for knowing what resources on the platform can be used to fulfill the service. So while a platform may not have a dedicated GPS, it may have an instrument that contains a GPS, and the location service for the platform can provide at least some of its functions using data from the instrument's GPS.

There are several major categories of OOI platforms, with very different designs and capabilities. These are described in the [Platform Model] page.

Attributes and Metadata References

References in this section point to the material that describes attributes of the resource, if any.

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  1. Dec 20, 2012

    Michael Meisinger says:

    Attribute List Attributes derived from the base Resource object function Expa...

    Attribute List

    Attributes derived from the base Resource object

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    Attributes derived from the base Taskable Resource object

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    Attributes for this Resource Type

    Attribute Name (YML) Attribute Name (user)
    Definition Type/Units Required? Comments Status
    Serial Number   a unique number for that instance, typically assigned by the manufacturer string Mandatory OOI must assign, if manufacturer doesn't; this is a shorter string than a UUID or OOI ID, useful for labels and conversational references LCA
    Model   identifier of a static definition of manufacturer and model for the platform Platform Model Resource _ID Mandatory the platform model defines many characteristics associated with the platform; all Platform Devices must have an entry in the Platform Model table LCA
    Nominal Location   deployment point of platforms; platform may vary in location around that point Geospatial Location (Object) Optional (according to platform type)   LCA
    Manufacture Date   when item was built timeInstant (Object) Optional   R2

    Computed Attributes List

    Computed Attribute Name Description Type/Units Required
    Instruments attached list of sensors attached to this device list of Instrument Device Resource _ID Optional   LCA
    Geospatial Location most recent known geospatial location Geospatial Location (Object) Mandatory composition of this value is potentially quite complex; see questions below LCA
    Geospatial Attitude most recent known geospatial attitude Geospatial Orientation (Object) Optional composition of this value is potentially quite complex; see questions below R2
    Energy Generation amount of energy currently being generated on the platform Watts Optional does not include energy being obtained from storage LCA (placeholder), R2 (functional)
    Energy Consumption amount of energy being consumed by the platform Watts Optional   LCA (placeholder), R2 (functional)
    Data Transmission Rate average rate of data transmission over last minute megabytes/second Mandatory   LCA (placeholder), R2 (functional)
    Speed over Ground most current estimate of travel speed km / second Optional time scales of average will vary by platform R2

    Associations List

    Subject Predicate Object Comments
    Instrument Device hasPlatformDevice Platform Device  
    Platform Device hasDeployedSite Site declares a deployment has happened to a given site
    Platform Device hasNominalLocation GeospatialLocation tells where a mooring is (intended to be) deployed or stored
    Platform Device realizes Logical Platform

    Referenced Object Types

    Name of Object Definition Type/Units Comments
    timeInstant represents a calendar date and time ISO8601 or equivalent  
    geospatialLocation represents a location relative to earth to be specified  
    geospatialOrientation the orientation of one entity with respect to another Format is TBD reference and be compatible with SensorML or other standard.

    Notes and Questions List

    Note or Question Assignee Resolution
    Where are instruments that are used by the platform tracked? JGraybeal JBG: All devices that provide data must be tracked and documented as individual instruments; their use by the platform is addressed by the Instrument hasPlatform Platform association.
    How much platform characterization has to be done in R2? SJul JG: Not too much. The lower-level details about the physical platform (mountpoints, construction materials) are not of interest in R2.
    Do we need to track the buoy or anchor information? JGraybeal JG: We do not, in Release 2.