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Overview of "PlatformSite" Resource

Represents a reference designator within an observatory, designated for the deployment of functionally equivalent platform devices, with geospatial and temporal bounds.


Refer to the CIAD APP Resource Model page for metadata definitions.

Responsible Service Observatory Management Service
Aliases Logical Platform; Platform Site
Architecture References  
Other References Resource Spec for Site
Technical Notes  
Version 0.7
Comments Represents a location and slot in an Observatory for a platform of a defined model.
User Facing Yes


A logical platform is a virtual or conceptual representation of a series of platforms in the same place over time. Use Cases include obtaining a time series of data from a given 'platform site', where different platforms have occupied the site over time, or getting the current information for a given platform site without worrying about which individual platform occupies it.

As individual physical platforms are swapped out operationally (e.g., replaced with their successor after a period of operations), this concept links all the information from all the platforms of that type/location, across all of those deployments. This if platform A(1) is replaced by A(2) and then A(3) at a particular location X, the logical platform PlatformLogical-A-X captures the time series of data sets across the successive deployments.

Similarly to Site, The concept of Platform Logical typically generalizes an individual, concrete platform, to cover a different time period or representation than any single Platform Device instance represents. The association between actual platforms and logical platforms is made as a function of time: Only one platform can act as the logical platform at any given time.

Attributes and Metadata References

References in this section point to the material that describes attributes of the resource, if any.

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