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Overview of "Subsite" Resource

Represents a reference designator that designates a hierarchical substructure within an observatory, with geospatial and temporal bounds. Subsites mostly represent distinct geospatial areas within an Observatory.


Refer to the CIAD APP Resource Model page for metadata definitions.

Responsible Service Observatory Management Service
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Version 1.0
User Facing Yes


The concept of site typically generalizes the specific hardware or location that it represents. For example, a marine facility may choose to define a number of sites within the facility, such that each site contains a set of systems of particular interest, or covers a location of particular interest.

A site can be viewed and monitored as a collection of related resources.

A site can be time-constrained in addition to geospatially constrained, for example only being in operation for 6 months.

A site can be commanded, in that it can receive commands that can be applied to resources within it. This is not expected to be applied in Release 2.

A site can enforce policy, in that it can provide additional limitations over access to resources within it. This is not expected to be applied in Release 2.

Attributes and Metadata References

References in this section point to the material that describes attributes of the resource, if any.

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