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This meeting, organized like a mini-workshop, is targeted to find the best technologies/approaches to specify internal interfaces, protocol sequences, and data/metadata models for the OOI.

It may be that all of these can be specified with the same technology, but this is not required.

Because of the depth of knowledge accumulated by the Project Manager, the proposed format of the workshop is as follows:

0. Agree on logistic(s)

0A. Schedule

  • Proposed schedule for the meeting is Wednesday Jan 13 from 1 to 5:30, and Thursday Jan 14 all day (as needed)
  • Will have to carve out time for OOI System Engineering meeting time slot.

0B. Participants

  • Matt Arrott
  • Architecture Team representative (ideally Michael)
  • COI IPT representative (Michael and/or ...?)
  • David Stuebe
  • John Graybeal
  • others?

1. Distribute background materials for brief review

1A. Materials

  • [Background]
  • List of technologies under consideration
  • Overview (1 page) of each technology
  • Table of technologies relationship to people
  • Additional detailed materials as available
  • References to additional material as available

!B. Schedule

  • Materials to team by Friday Jan 8
  • Participants review all overview material by start of class

2. Hold meeting

2A. (0:45) Overview of Concepts (Architecture team?)

  • Application areas (internal interfaces, protocol sequences, data/metadata models)
  • Use cases/scenarios
    = Basic application of specification
    = Advanced application: automatic generation of ... what?

2B. (0:45 each) Technology Training (Matt or delegate, for all or recommended technologies)

  • Explain technology
  • Provides concrete example (walkthrough, not code) of the technology's application to OOI
  • Status of technology: operational implementations, available tools

2C. (0:15 each) Analysis/Review of Technology

  • Team offers critiques/concerns of each technology after it is presented
  • These are briefly responded to and discussed
  • many are expected to stay unresolved, but are noted for future reference

2D. (long as it takes) Team Discussion

  • Tradeoffs, costs, etc.
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