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man-age-ment and plan-ning [ˈmanijmənt and ˈplani ng]
A collection of documents supporting CIUX work and process management.

Current Focus
The current plan is for Construction for Release 2 with a primary focus on Construction Iteration 1.

Page Index

R2 Construction Goals and Deliverables

End Date: ~14 Sep 2012

  1. Design revisions and technical specification complete
  2. System implementation complete
  3. User documentation and help system complete
  4. Design verification and validation complete

R2C1 Goals and Deliverables

End Date: 24 May 2012

  1. End-end support for dynamic production of facepage screens implemented and tested
  2. Pages generated with close-to-final look-and-feel
  3. Detailed design specification complete and consistent with System Architecture and Product Management plans
  4. User help and documentation plan complete and execution in progress
  5. R2 user testing and engagement plans complete and development of necessary support in progress
Section Index

Design Revision and Technical Specification


  1. Interaction and information designs complete
  2. Draft proposal for user vocabulary complete
  3. Icon sets and their look-and-feel defined
  4. Graphic style guide complete


  1. CIUX R2 Detailed Design Specification (.pdf)
  2. CIUX R2 User Vocabulary (.pdf)
  3. CIUX R2 Graphic Components Inventory (.pdf)
  4. CIUX R2 Graphic Style Guide (.docx)

System Implementation


  1. First draft icon sets complete
  2. Dynamic screen framework implementation generating facepages using end-end production pipeline
  3. Graphic design implemented into CSS
  4. Select system functionality implemented


  1. Icon set (.png - individual and contact sheets)
  2. ION-UX web application Github repo
    3. Backbone.js application
      1. ion-ux.js
      2. ux-views.js
      3. ux-models.js
      4. ux.router.js
    4. HTML templates, CSS
    5. Vendor assets (jQuery, Backbone, Underscore, etc.)

User Documentation and Help System


  1. Help system strategy defined and authoring in progress


  1. CIUX R2 User Help System Plan (.pdf?)
  2. R2 User Help System (TBD)

Design Verification and Validation


  1. Engagement framework strategy defined and support mechanisms complete
  2. Acceptance scenarios storyboarded, and circulated internally and externally
  3. Pilot and alpha test plans ready for circulation and review
  1. Engagement platform plan (TBD)
  2. Engagement platform (website, Confluence, TBD)
  3. R2 Acceptance Scenario Storyboards (.pdf, .mov)
  4. CIUX R2 Test Plan (.pdf)

R2C2 Goals and Deliverables

End Date: Jul 26 2012

  1. All design activity complete
  2. User help and documentation in review
  3. User testing and engagement in progress

R2C3 Goals and Deliverables

End Date: 2012

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