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us-er ex-pe-ri-ence [ˈyoōzər ikˈspi(ə)rēəns]
A person's perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service, in other words, the state of mind induced by an artifact or design.

Our Commitment
OOI CI is committed to providing a user experience that is intellectually stimulating, scientifically productive, and conducive to transformative innovation. This where you will find all our latest materials related to the design of the OOI user experience. At this time, all our efforts are focused on Release 2 of the Cyberinfrastructure.

Page Index
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Activities and Status

 - Complete - In Progress - Not Started - Paused – - Not Planned

Current Priorities
15-Mar-13 R2 design revisions resulting from R2.0 Beta Testing complete  

19-Mar-13 Plan for integrating design revisions accepted by development and management  

5-Apr-13 R2 final artwork complete  

Design and specification modifications needed by development complete  
5-Apr-13 R2 User Documentation complete ION User Documentation
Planning Documents
Complete Listing

Technical Specifications

Materials used to communicate the design for construction.

R2 Revised Designs
Reduced Design Set

Stage 1 Interactions
Stage 1 CSS

Last Update: Wed 2013-03-20
Next Update:

Complete Design Revisions

Full Interactions

Last Update: Fri 2013-03-15
Next Update:

R2 Specification Documents
Functional Design Specification

Last Update: Mon 2012-10-22
Next Update:

Graphical Design Specification

Last Update: Mon 2012-11-12
Next Update:

Detailed Design Specifications
Report Screen Layout Attributes to Screens
Current Screens
Current Screens
All Screens

Updated Nightly

Specifications Database
Online Database

Guest Access

Updated Continuously

Database Schema

Relationships Diagram

Complete Schema

Last Update: Sat 2012-11-17
Next Update: As needed

Design Illustrations

Materials used to communicate design intent for qualitative evaluation and feedback purposes. Note that illustrational materials may not always be updated with respect to technical specification materials. The technical specifications should be considered the definitive source for the final design.

Mockups and Illustrations


Last Update: Mon 2012-03-12
Next Update: TBD

Static mockups of screens and panels (pixel-perfect as well as low-fidelity), and animated illustrations of specialized visual behaviors and interactions.

Mockup Status


Complete list

All storyboards are outdated with respect to informational content.

Narrative sequences of mockups that illustrate a particular story of use, with example content that is true to the story and consistent from mockup to mockup.


Sites, Devices and Deployments

Concept illustrations developed for educational purposes.

Design Rationale

Materials used to guide and inform design deliberations and planning.

User Research

User Research Statistics

Updated Monthly

Records of user and community research activities that have informed the design.

Workflows and User Stories

PDF Document
Word Document

Last Update: Fri 2012-03-09
Next Update: -

Lays out the user interaction workflows, user stories and screenflows that have been used to inform and guide design deliberations..

Research Context: The Science Behind the Design

Research Context
State of the Art

Last Update: Fri 2013-01-05
Next Update: -

Background materials that have driven UX design.

Management and Planning

Current reports and planning materials.

R2.0 Beta Test Plan

R2.0 Beta Test Plan

Plans for interactive user testing of the R2.0 Beta Release.

Construction Plan

R2.0 Construction Map
R2C2 Planning
R2C1 Planning

Last Update: Tue 2012-06-05
Next Update: Fri 2012-05-12

Plans for R2 Construction phase activities.

Elaboration Report

PDF Document
Keynote Presentation

Last Update: Wed 2012-03-21
Next Update: -

Report summarizing R2 Elaboration phase activities and achievements.

Elaboration Plan

PDF Document
Word Document

Last Update: 2011-10-25
Next Update: -

Plan for R2 Elaboration phase activities.

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