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preparatory ma-te-ri-al [priˈpe(ə)rəˌtôrē məˈti(ə)rēəl]
Material gathered in preparation for addressing a particular user interface design challenge. (Organized around Information Resources.)

In Release 2, we are organizing detailed design efforts along two orthogonal dimensions, design of Views and design of Information Resources. The Preparatory Materials pages are aimed at collecting materials to inform and define the design of the latter. Each of the main Information Resources that will be in R2 will have its own page of Preparatory Materials, and this collection will grow steadily as we work through them. At the moment, we are concentrating on Information Resources related to marine operations, and, of course, since the R2 is all about operations, we are primarily concerned with the Operator's needs.

Information Resource Pages

Materials Gathered

  • Stakeholder Representativess
    • A list of named stakeholders or users whose input or review should be sought specifically for this information object. This should include representatives within as well as external to CI.
  • Information Architecture
    • Specification of what data relevant to an information object is available in the system architecture
  • Actions and interactions
    • A textual description of the operations on and interactions with the information object that the design will enable, along with specification of any exceptions to capabilities supported and designation of relevant use cases
  • User-system workflows
    • Swim-lane diagrams of user-system workflows detailing user actions and system responses
  • Vocabulary
    • Vocabulary for concepts associated with the information object
  • Acceptance Scenarios and Use Cases
    • Related scenarios and use cases
  • Reference Materials
    • CI and OOI supporting materials
  • State of the art
    • Examples of existing screens from other applications that illustrate what users are doing at present for these or similar tasks

General Reference Materials

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