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Resource Definition

A deployment is an association between two entities for a period of time. In Release 2, the dominant deployments will be defined relative to marine observatory components: instruments, platforms, and observatories. Marine deployments represent either physical association of the two entities (an instrument is physically attached to its parent entity), or a logical association (as when a platform is deployed into the water, thereby becoming an operational part of an observing system).

Stakeholder Representatives

  • Kent Headley, MBARI?
  • Kevin Gomes, MBARI?

Information Architecture

  • [R2 Resource Page for Deployment ]

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Actions and Interactions


Create (in ION) Register (with ION) View Edit Annotate Change life cycle state Remove (from ION)
  • Instrument operator 
  • Marine observatory operator
(CI Programmer) All
  • Instrument operator 
  • Marine observatory operator 
  • ION operator
  • Instrument operator 
  • Marine observatory operator
  • Marine observatory operator
  • ION operator


  • Enabled/shown
    • If user has permissions for at least one possible host resource
  • Host must be specified upon creation
  • Can be initiated from selected host resource or selected participating resource(s)


  • Associated resources and composite views must allow for nested deployments

View status/health

  • Aggregate of status/health of participating resources
  • Does this include all nested deployments?

Add/Remove Resource

Add Annotational Material

  • Can anyone do this?

Change Life Cycle State

Enable and Announce (Activate, Announce)

  • Is this different from changing life cycle state?

Remove (Deactivate)

  • Is this different from changing life cycle state?

Retire (Decommission)

  • Is this different from changing life cycle state?

User-System Workflows


  • Physical deployment
  • Virtual observatory

Acceptance Scenarios and Use Cases

Graphical UI Support

ION Administrator UI Support

Programmatic Support Only

Reference Materials

CIAD Documents

CGSN OMC Workshop

State of the Art

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