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Resource Definition

An observatory is "a distributed facility for long-term observation of the oceans." It comprises multiple information and commandable resources. In R2, an observatory is a Marine Observatory, deployed into the ocean to collect scientific data. An Observatory serves to collect and manage resources in a single conceptual environment. R3 will extend the concept to include Virtual Observatories, allowing users to define their own.

Stakeholder Representatives


Information Architecture


Actions and Interactions


Create (in ION) Register (with ION) View Edit Annotate Change life cycle state Execute/Operate
Remove (from ION)
(CI Programmer) (CI Programmer) All (CI Programmer)
  • Marine observatory operator
  • ION operator
  • Marine observatory operator



View status/health

  • Aggregate of status/health of participating resources

Record Event

Change Lifecycle State

Enable and Announce (Activate, Announce)

  • Is this really Change Lifecycle State?

Create notification

  • Enabled/shown
    • If user has permission for this instrument

Execute command sequence

Activate Policy

Allocate an Allocatable Resource 

Add Annotational Material


User-System Workflows


  • Physical observatory
  • Virtual observatory

Acceptance Scenarios and Use Cases

Graphical UI Support

ION Administrator UI Support

Programmatic Support Only

Reference Materials

CIAD Documents

CGSN OMC Workshop

State of the Art

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