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Resource Definition

A Platform serves to collect and manage resources in a single collocated physical environment, so the resources can share the benefits (location and environment, movement, power, bandwidth) of the platform. A platform consolidates or provides system resources (power, communication bandwidth), component resources (instruments and platform subsystems), and environmental resources (location and movement, available sampling regimes).

Platforms may be stationary (as in a mooring) or mobile (as in a glider or AUV), cf S&A Domain Model.

Stakeholder Representatives


Information Architecture

See the Detailed Mockup for the Platform Facepage to understand how these specifications and groupings are used in laying out the actual screen views.

Actions and Interactions


Create (in ION) Register (with ION) View Edit Annotate Change life cycle state Execute/Operate Remove (from ION)
  • Instrument engineer
  • Instrument engineer
  • Instrument engineer
  • Instrument operator
  • Instrument engineer
  • Instrument operator
  • Instrument engineer
  • Marine observatory operator
  • ION operator

Command through ION

  • Applies only to stationary platforms

Execute command sequence

View status/health

Activate policy

Allocate an allocatable resource

Download data

User-System Workflows


  • Platform
  • Mooring
  • Glider
  • AUV
  • Benthic Experimental Package (BEP)

Acceptance Scenarios and Use Cases

Reference Materials

CIAD General Documents

CIAD Specific Documents

CGSN OMC Workshop

Download consolidated materials here

  • OMC Workshop 1.1.1 Data Archive Platform Configuration
  • OMC Workshop 1.1.3 Sampling Strategies
  • OMC Workshop 1.2 Test and Integration
  • OMC Workshop 2.1.1 Platform Deployment and Test - Mooring Ops, C&C & Data Comms
  • OMC Workshop 2.1.2 Platform Deployment and Test - Vehicle Deployment and Test
  • OMC Workshop 2.1.3 Platform Deployment and Test - Platform Equipment Failure
  • OMC Workshop 3.1.1 Platform Performance Monitoring and Reporting - Mooring
  • OMC Workshop 3.1.2 Platform Performance Monitoring and Reporting - Vehicles
  • OMC Workshop 3.2 Vehicle Piloting and Operations
  • OMC Workshop 5.2 Platform HW refurbishment and replacement

State of the Art

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