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Coordination of R2.0 Beta testing.

Session Schedule and Status Overview

- Complete - In Progress - Not Started - Paused

Status Session Group Date
Format Materials Pilot Group Self-paced Triage Follow-up Completion
Session 1 (Individual) Hands-on N/A 01/08/2012
Session 2 01/09/2013 Hands-on 01/15/2013
Session 3 01/16/2013  Hands-on 01/22/2013

Session 4 01/24/2013 Discussion


Session 5 01/30/2013 Discussion



* Pilot tester

Bill Bergen* 
Bill Pritchett
Chamara Johnson*
Kathy Carr*
Steve Gaul
Matthias Lankhorst
Craig Risien
Mike Vardaro

Allison Fundis
Sage Lichtenwalner 
Giora Proskurowski
Mike Harrington
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Test Design and Organization


  • Educate IO users about system capabilities and use
  • Get user feedback and suggestions on needed improvements
  • Conduct functional testing

Session Structure

The Beta test is organized around a progressive sequence of “Sessions.” Sessions may either be discussions, aimed at resolving issues that have been identified. Sessions are scheduled weekly.

Hands-On Session


A Hands-on Session is

  • A structured sequence of activities designed to require the tester to walk through particular sequence of activities.
  • Aimed at marine operator work tasks.
  • Based on use cases and availability of system functionality.


Hands-on Sessions are scheduled on a weekly cycle, and, with the exception of the first, follow this schedule:

  • Pre-condition: Pilot test session with pilot testers (K. Carr, B. Bergen, C. Johnson)
  • Day 1: 1-hour group session
    • Feedback about results and integration from prior Session
    • Walkthrough of Session script
  • Day 1-3: Self-administered testing, at tester's convenience
    • Script provided as Word document, which also serves to collect tester comments and feedback
    • Individual 15-30 minute debrief by phone
  • Day 4-5: Feedback analysis, bug fixes and comment integration

The first Session is an System Setup Session that will be conducted one-on-one and scheduled at the tester's convenience.

Sessions Planned

(See Session Schedule and Status Overview above for current status of individual Sessions.)
(See Tasks for Test Sessions for issues and functional tasks related to individual Sessions.)

Session NbrStart DatePageSession Topics
112/18/2012Session 1 - R2.0 Beta Test - System Setup and OrientationBrowser set up, user documentation, sign in, account creation
201/09/2013Session 2 - R2.0 Beta Test - Working with Marine ResourcesOOI marine resource preload, commanding marine resource, resource status, event log, user roles, access permissions
301/16/2013Session 3 - R2.0 Beta Test - Working with Resources and DataWorking with resources and with data products by interacting with plots and downloading data and attachments.
401/24/2013Session 4 - R2.0 Beta Test - Review of Findings to Date and Next StepsReview Findings and Next Steps
501/30/2013Session 5 - R2.0 Beta Test - OOI Concepts and Vocabulary MappingsOOI Vocabulary and Concept Mappings Presentation


(For more detail on internal handling of communications see User Feedback Capture, Analysis and Integration Plan.)

CI Points of Contact

  • helpdesk (general email address)
  • Susanne, Julie (testing activity leads)
  • Lynn (logistics and support)

Incoming Communications

  • Everything funneled through Lynn
  • Initial response within 24 hours, includes
    • Target response time
    • Planned actions
  • Requests tracked in Jira (IONUXIN project)
    • Tracker updated and used for internal triage and communication

Outgoing Communications

  • ionbetatesters email list
    • Announcements and group discussion
  • Beta system status and maintenance outages
  • Findings communicated to pilot and beta testers
    • via the pilot and beta webexes each week
    • posted to the individual session page in the User Engagement pages

User Feedback Capture, Analysis and Integration

  • All feedback funneled to Lynn, escalated as needed to
    • Tim M, Carolanne
    • Tim A, Susanne
  • Jira tracking
    • IONUXIN: Input and response requests
    • <development>: Bug fixes

Process Overview

(See detailed plan)

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