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Test scripts not yet associated with a session and listed here for reference and to aid in prioritization of availability.

Questions/Issues related to session 1

  • Simulator cannot remain running to show status, need to address turning platform agent.
  • Text search not working
  • Browser version, are later versions of the listed supported browser workable, not easy for a beta tester to get an earlier browser version?
  • Currently issues with Nav Bar browsing, ion-beta does not show Users on left Nav bar
  • Need beta user account and password

Questions related to sessions 2 and 3

  • What test data will be available?
  • Listed that JIRA not supported in 2.0? Do we show future process but say not in affect? Or leave out?
  • What are issues with downloading data (half working), will it be functional for session 3?
  • Session 3 is very limited task wise, will depend on what functionality becomes available before it can be better developed.

Questions related to sessions 4 and 5

  • What specific functionality is appropriate for beta user testing?
Page Index

User Session Page Links
Session 1 - R2.0 Beta Test - System Setup and Orientation
Session 2 - R2.0 Beta Test - Working with Marine Resources
Session 3 - R2.0 Beta Test - Working with Resources and Data
Session 4 - R2.0 Beta Test - Review of Findings to Date and Next Steps
Session 5 - R2.0 Beta Test - OOI Concepts and Vocabulary Mappings

Full List of Test Script Tasks and Internal Status

Task Status for Testing: - Ready, - Not Complete/Preview of Functionality, ? - Unknown, - Not Ready (as of 120712).
Tasks are listed in order of preliminary order of priority for testing sessions.

Task User Documentation Page Related Use Case(s) Session Status
Set Up, Test Browser, and Access     1
Using the User Documentation
User Documentation   1
Getting Help via Contact Info
Get Help UC.R2.55 1
Sign In Sign In UC.R2.39 1
Establish Individual User Account
Create Account UC.R2.39 1
Getting Around ION Browsing and Navigating UC.R2.04, UC.R2.26 2
Understand SAF to ION Preloaded Resources Preloads UC.R2.05, UC.R2.11 2
Understanding Status Status UC.R2.10, UC.R2.40 2
Commanding an Instrument ION Command UC.R2.06, UC.R2.46 2
Viewing an Event Log Recent Events Log UC.R2.14 2
Understanding User Settings, Roles, and Permissions User Roles UC.R2.11, UC.R2.39 2
Execute Text Search and Proceed to Facepage from Results Table Search UC.R2.24 3
Subscribe to Notifications Subscribe UC.R2.14 3 ?
Browse to and Examine a Data Product Browsing and Navigating UC.R2.04 3
View Data Product Variables in a Graph Data Products UC.R2.13, UC.R2.14 3
Download Data in various Formats Download Data UC.R2.04 3
Manipulate Downloaded Data in a Plot and Export as Image Data Images   3
Download Attachment Download Attachment   3 ?
Physically Connect an Instrument and view its details   UC.R2.05, UC.R2.40 4
Turn on instrument sampling (pre-set rate) to collect data & view in graph   UC.R2.13 4 ?
Open direct command channel Direct Command UC.R2.07 4 ?
Change lifecycle state of resource   UC.R2.08, UC.R2.38, UC.R2.46 4
View graph of engineering data (i.e. power, etc.) over time (historical)   UC.R2.14 4
Create entry in Observatory event log   UC.R2.20 4
Attach file to object   UC.R2.20 4
Understand OOI Data Products and Data Process Definitions as pre-loaded and configured Preloads NA 5 ?
View derived (L1, L2) Data Products and Real-Time Calibrated Data   UC.R2.03 5
View Product publication-quality images of data plot Data Images   5 ?
Data Visualization of derived Data Products   UC.R2.17 5
Data Visualization - real time   UC.R2.18 5
Data Visualization via Matlab   UC.R2.19 5
View and Edit Resource Metadata   UC.R2.28 5
Trouble shooting Instrument   UC.R2.60    
Configure Attributes and Settings   UC?    
Use JIRA to assess helpdesk ticket status JIRA UC.R2.55    

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