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Contextual materials for the current UX design. Provides an inventory of user research activities, links to reports and planning documents, and links to OOI resource along with management redirections that have influenced UX design to date.

The UX Research Context is organized into the following sections:

  • User Research Activities: A list of normative investigations conducted by the UX team aimed at understanding current human behaviors, practices and needs in order to identify means and opportunities of improvement.
  • UX Reports, Plans, Documents: Links to reports, plans, and other documents created by the UX team.
  • OOI CI Resources: Links to user-oriented materials created by others.

User Research Activities

  • Field Studies (Contextual interviews)
    • 36 Hours on the Research Vessel Horizon, June 2011
  • Field Interviews
    • OOI Science Workshop, Tempe Arizona April 2010
    • International Marine Conservation Congress, Victoria BC May 2011
  • Field Visits (Contextual interviews)
    • Rutgers University, 2010
    • Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 2010-2012
    • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, September 2011
    • University of Washington, June 2011
    • University of Oregon, June 2011
    • University of Victoria, May 2011
    • Neptune Canada, May 2011
  • Informal Interviews
  • User Engagement Platform Data

UX Reports, Plans, Documents

A set of research reports, plans, and other documents produced by the UX team.

Early Work

User Stories from the 2010 Tempe Workshop (Includes Personas)

User Map

The Plan of Record in 2010

R1-Specific Materials

R1 User Stories

Vision Strategy Progress Report

Summer 2011

Project circumstances forced a change of focus from user-centric to system centric design in early fall of 2011. Consequently, only a demographic diversity report was produced from the summer 2011 user research efforts. The extensive field data collected remain unanalyzed, although they continue to be referenced for anecdotal evidence within the team. Note that the study was conducted under IRB control by the UCSD Human Research Protections Program and data collected are subject to strict privacy controls.

R2 User Research Diversity Report, 19-Jul-11 (Interim)

Work Plan Reflecting Change in Focus

R2-Specific Materials

User Story Gallery

R2.0 Workflows and UserStories

R2.0 Storyboards

CIUX User and Stakeholder Lessons

R2/3 Concepts (Works in progress)

R2 Personas and Scenarios
Alert scenario

OOI CI Resources

User-oriented materials from other CI sources.

Formative Workshops (2008-2009)

Day in the Life of a Science User

Product Specifications

R2 Engineering User Roles & Personas

R2 Engineering Use Cases

R2 Acceptance Scenarios

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