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Page: CIAD AS OV Data Visualization
Data Visualization is a capability provided starting in Release 2. The focus of the Release 2 work is on A visualization pipeline for realtime observational data products for the integration of visualization tools for plotted data (Google Charts, R, Matlab) A visualization pipeline for scenebased visualizations ...
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Page: CIAD CEI OV Integration with National Infrastructure
Release 2 and Release 3 service group. The goal is to provide infrastructure to integrate external compute and storage resources seamlessly into the Integrated Observatory Network, such that they can be used for overflow processing, and processing user applications on behalf of OOI users. We focus ...
Page: CIAD CEI OV Process Execution Management
Process Execution Management service is existing starting with Release 2. Processes exist in Release 1 only in the form of deamonized, longrunning service processes, that are provisioned together with their execution engine, the Capability Container. Release 2 will substantially extend this framework and split ...
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Page: CIAD CEI Process Registries
page describes the various registries and repositories related to process definitions and executing processes Overview The following types of process related registries and repositories exist: Name Type Description \\ (Active) Process Registry \\ Resource Registry A registry to advertise currently instantiated ...
Page: CIAD CEI TV Nimbus
page describes Nimbus, as relevant for the OOI Integrated Observatory Network TBD
Page: CIAD COI SV Contract and Commitment Specifications
page describes how contracts between electronic interacting entities are specified. The contracts follow a general conceptual model that we have developed (this is a revision of the one developed in 2009). In simple terms, a contract is a bundle of norms. The most typical kind of norm ...
Page: CIAD COI SV Policy Specification Format
page describes the format in which policy is specified in the ION system. ION Policy As of Release 2, there are multiple forms of policy supported in the ION system: User and Role based access policy for services and resources Precondition service operation access policy ...
Page: CIAD COI TV Grails
page will describe the Grails framework, which is the Web User Interface platform in Release 1 See also: Grails Web Page
Page: CIAD DM OV Semantic Inference
Semantic reasoning and inference with ION resources is out of scope for the OOINet. This page is for historic reference. Resources Service Decomposition Background Description of Semantic Inferencing Semantic inferencing is the process where computers draw connections between concepts that have been previously ...
Page: CIAD SV Incremental CyberPop Rollout
Example: San Diego CyberPoP Buildout 1 Buildout 2 Buildout 3 Buildout 4 Buildout 5