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Page: CIAD COI OV Distributed State Management
Overview The Distributed State Management services store and manage objects within the OOI Integrated Observatory Network. The data store provides the infrastructure to store structured objects. The Distributed Information service with its service state repository provides a means to distribute ...
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Page: CIAD COI OV Resource Registry
page describes the COI Resource Registry. Please also check Resource and Object Model CIAD OV Resource and Object Model for context and see all child pages. Overview The COI Resource Registry provides services to describes resources under ...
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Page: CIAD Executive Summary
OOI syseng:CIAD AV OOI Context CyberInfrastructure OOINet System Architecture Specification (akronym CIAD), OOI document 213000003, specifies the system architecture and design for the science and educationdriven applications of the OOINet system CIAD AV OOI Operations Overview ...
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Page: CIAD OV Data Flows
page provides high level overviews related to information and data flows within the OOINet system. Please refer to linked pages for details. OOI Data Flow Overview Figure 1 shows abstracted flows of data and control within the OOINet ...
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Page: CIAD OV Resource and Object Model
page provides an overview of the Integrated Observatory Network's Resource Model. The term "Resource" represent an entity in the system that captures information about a physical, computational or informational asset managed by the ION system. All resources are described by an object ...
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Page: CIAD OV System Decomposition
page provides an operational view on the OOI Integrated Observatory Network. It specifies how the system operates within its environment. It also describes the subsystems, their services and infrastructure components and the subsystem's operational dependencies. System and Environment This section describes the system ...
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Page: CIAD SV Technology List
page provides a reference to the CI Technology List, which is a separately controlled document. Purpose The CI Technology List document is the authoritative list of technologies for the CI with all its subsystems. The technology list demonstrates OOI CI's understanding of the existing technologies ...
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