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Page: CIAD AV ION Integration and Deployment
Integration Overview !265000001OV1CIActivitiesResourcesServices.png width=640,height=523! Figure 1. CI Capability Container activities, resources and infrastructure (OV1) Figure 1 shows the CI Capability Container as platform to provide the capabilities required for the OOI Integrated Observatory applications and infrastructure ...
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Page: CIAD AV OOI Use Cases
page describes visionary science and education scenarios for the OOI Integrated Observatory Network. For Release specific syseng:CIAD AV Transition to Operations, featureoriented use cases, please refer to the Release Product Descriptions CIDev:Product Description and Acceptance Scenarios ...
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Page: CIAD Executive Summary
OOI syseng:CIAD AV OOI Context CyberInfrastructure OOINet System Architecture Specification (akronym CIAD), OOI document 213000003, specifies the system architecture and design for the science and educationdriven applications of the OOINet system CIAD AV OOI Operations Overview ...
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Page: CIAD OV User and Application Interfaces
Overview Figure 1 below shows an illustration of multiple OOI domains of authority (facilities). The Integrated Observatory (CI Operational Domain) is the primary point of access for end users of the system. Users can interact with the Integrated Observatory via portals ...
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Page: CIAD UX OV Presentation Framework
page describes the OOINet external presentation framework, used to interface with user interface frontends (e.g. browser UIs) and external applications Overview The presentation framework provides the platform infrastructure for the externalization of the ION system to its environment. This includes user interfaces ...
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Page: CIAD UX User Experience
User Experience (UX) Subsystem Architecture and Design This is the central page for the OOINet User Interface architecture and design, a part of the OOINet Architecture and Design. User Experience Strategy and Design User Experience Space ux:OOI CI User Experience http ...