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antelope, arch-tbd, archtbd, authoring, ci, coi, data-taxonomy, deployment, enactment, event, favourite glossary, governance, group, howto, index, interaction, interaction-protocol, interfacespec, lco, meeting ncsu, notes, old, openissue, orb, policy
r1arch, r1service, r2-constructionplan, r2auxresource, r2baseresource, r2objecttype, r2resource, r2specialtype, r2unusedtype, r3-constructionplan, r3-prodmgt-reviewable, r3resource, read-as, read-av, read-cei, read-coi, read-dm, read-eoi, read-mi, read-pp, read-sa, read-ux, ready-for-review, release-scope, review servicespec, servicespec-tbd, servicespec-unused, user-applications, user-roles 20080130