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### State-of-health monitoring
# Primary Programming Language is Java (2130-00002 pg. 1)

{note:title=JBG}Michael M has told me verbally that these language decisions are not yet made. Not sure whether that or document holds. JBG
{note}     {note}    
# Specific purpose applications for user interfaces will be in Python (2130-00002 pg. 1)
# Instrument drivers and embedded components will be written in C/C+\+ (2130-00002 pg. 1)
# The exchange handles all the issues of connectivity (mooring case).
# In the case of instrument direct access, the other service networks (i.e. not S&A) will establish the communication channel and the VPN so that direct access can occur (i.e. the IO's will provide VPN management). The same is true for the serial access case and the user will simply connect the virtual serial port software to an IP address.
# During the VPN (direct access case). Other than some form of authentication, all other CI functionality will not be available due to this being an out-of-band mechanism. 
| Is the above comment still the case?  We discussed various strategies here. J.Curcio 01_Dec_09\\ |
# -There is a one-to-one relationship between IP address and an instrument agent-. \[There is no relation between instrument agent and IP address\]
# If the *DN Information Information Container Overview* on 2130-00002 pg. 12 is correct, the Instrument agent will be responsible for:
## Constructing the message
## Supplying L1 Metadata
# For direct instrument access, does the OOI CI still need to enforce policy when things are going through direct access? For example, you don't want somebody turning on a noise generating machine when a passive acoustic experiment is occurring. There is really no way for the end user to know about the impacts his/her actions on other resources. This seems extraordinarily difficult.
# Why is the data process repository in the sensing and acquisition service network? I would think that the vast majority of data processing happens outside of sensing and acquisition and it seems like the responsibility is misplaced.
| I agree, Arjuna and Curcio discussed this topic earlier - not resolved. J.Curcio 01_Dec_09 \\ |

h4. [Requirements Refinement]